Killer Techniques To Get Huge Traffic From Facebook


Hey everyone,Facebook is a social network used to connect with our frinds and family.We all know that getting traffic for a new blog is very hard even though we have a unique and quality content.For newbiees,it is very hard to get traffic to their blog.The only solution to get traffic is Social Networks such as Facebook,Twitter,Stumbleupon,Pintrest etc.
Now i am going to tell you how to gain huge traffic from facebook,there are many ways to get traffic from facebook which i am going to discuss below.

Sharing with friends on Facebook

The only thing why i choosen facebook for getting traffic is because we use facebook more than other social networks.When you post a new article on your blog,share it on facebook by tagging all your friends to that post so that they can get a notification and try to see that.So that you can get traffic from that way.If you just post your content without tagging anyone,there are very less chances of gaining traffic.Don’t tag your frinds who are not intrested in that.

Sharing on Groups

Sharing content on facebook groups is a great way to gain traffic.First join more number of groups which are related to blogging or your niche.Next try to post your content to atleast 7 to 10 groups in a day because if you post more than that facebook will treat it as a spam attack or phishing attack so don’t try it.
If you want to post in more than ten groups,first post upto in 7 groups in mornings and wait for atleast 3 to 5 hours and try the same procedure again.It is better to post your content in evenings than mornings so that so many bloggers will be online at that time.Apply the same proceduere daily so that you will notice a great increase in traffic to your blog day by day.

Sharing on Pages

First create a official page for your blog and give a good description to that page.Now you have to try get more likes on your page.After you have a more number of likes on your page,post your content with some images and by giving a interesting description to that so that you will gain your fans attention.You can also ask your page fans to like and share post if they like it because when they like it will be seen by their friends and they will visit your blog.If you have more likes on your page then you will get more traffic.Try to increase likes for your page daily.This is best way to gain traffic.
Try to follow all the above techniques daily so that you can see a 100% great change in your traffic.

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