7 Reasons To Learn Python Programming In 2019


Python is an interpreted, high-level general purpose programming language. It was built by Guido van Rossum who is a Dutch Programmer and first released in 1991.Reasons to learn python in 2019

It supports multiple programming paradigms, procedural, object-oriented, and also functional programming. It is also popular for its rich standard libraries. The current latest version of Python is 3.7.2 which is easily available on the internet.

The 7 main advantages or reasons to learn python programming are:

1. Simple and easy to use:

Python is a great programming language for beginners as it is very easy to code, due to the large deposits of libraries in it. Due to the availability of open source libraries, modules, and frameworks, coding becomes easier with the Python programming language.

It also supports many standard formats and protocols such as MIME and HTTP (for internet-based applications). It has simple and easy syntax’s and rules unlike other programming languages like Java and C++. Portability is another main aspect of python. Overall developing, deploying and maintenance is much easier as compared to other programming languages.

2. Popularity

o learn a new technology it is often seen that proper assistance or guidance is less available, due to many circumstances. But in the case of Python programming language, its huge community makes it most convenient for learning it with the most efficiency. Any solution regarding python is available on the internet through many websites.

Python was in the top list in the Tiobe index of language popularity from January 2018 to January 2019. It was also honored by the best programming language of the year 2018. Many universities and colleges are considering python as their first preferred programming language, so as different IT companies too.

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IT giant Google is also looking forward towards python as their one of the most prominent programming language. It is remarkable that about 41 large organizations around the world accepted as their primary programming language in a very small span of time which is momentous for any new programming language as well as python communities too.

3. Versatility

If you want a code that runs on any platform like Linux, Windows, and MacOS, then Python is the best and reliable programming language today. Python can be fit into any software development scenarios like handling cloud infrastructure, developing websites, working with SQL database,  gaming, graphical applications and many more.

Data science and machine learning are other main aspects that python programming language has always looked forward to.

4. Career opportunities

Python is one of the most crowd-pleasing, well- received and rapidly growing programming languages around the globe now. As the python has a diversified domain of applications, career opportunities on python are flourishing day by day all around the world, making it the next big thing for the IT professionals.

According to IEEE python is the most popular language for data science. The other domains of python consist of web development, Big data, game development, AI, web testing, etc.

Various job profiles in Python:

  • Software developer
  • Python developer
  • Research analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist

Due to the large requirement of the Python programmer, the salary is rapidly incrementing from the last two years. Among the various job profiles available on python, Software developer grabs the highest salary packages around the world on an average of 110,919 $ and Data scientist also earns about 96,674 $ on an average.

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Jobs, after learning python and getting a certification, is not a big deal all around. The country like the USA has the most number of requirements of the Python programmer.

5. Efficiency

Due to its enhanced process control capabilities, strong integration, text processing capabilities, and its own testing framework, the speed and productivity also bounce. Python is also a good reliable option for developing complex multi-protocol network applications. Due to its extensive use and popularity, solutions to any problem can be quickly and easily grasped.

6. Web Development

Python is very flexible to users in the case of web application development. Python is integrated with other several programmings which delivers a flexible approach towards the communities, such as-

  • CPython – integrated with C language.
  • JPython – integrated with Java.
  • PyObjc –  integrated with Objective-C toolkits
  • RubyPython – combined with Ruby also.

The most popular web framework of python is Django. Using Django is one of the main advantages that many are leaning towards python. Django provides an easy procedure to model domain and code classes and building templates or using predefined templates, makes it easy applications that are ready for deployment. However, there are other frameworks such as Flask and Pyramid.

Due to its capability of quick deployment, it is an ideal option for bootstrappers and startups. The obvious choice of technology used for web development is based on different aspects but if anyone is looking for a technology that inspires minimal budget then python will be the best possible option available today in the market.

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7. Data Science

Data is one of the most crucial parts of the digital economy and Data Science has been ranked as one of the most preferred and hottest professions of this century. Certification in python on Data Science will provide a safe and healthy career in Data Science and Machine learning. It also develops skills for data analysis and data visualization.

Over 2.5 million jobs in Data Science is available in different countries around the globe. Data Science and analytics professionals almost have an average starting salary of over 80,000 $ in the US.  And Python is the most preferred language for Data Science.

Python is definitely a language that one should learn as programming with python is chosen by many organizations and companies as one of the best in the world such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, many more and it’s growing at a rocket speed day by day.

The features are loved by everyone all around the globe, due to its simplicity, versatility, and completeness. Python is the obvious choice for anyone who is looking forward to building a career in machine learning, data analysis, and visualization.

The companies that deal with AI as their main domain Should definitely love the features available on python. It has massive support due to the fact that it is open source and community developed. Millions of developers work with the language on a daily basis and continue to improvise core functionalities.


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