14 Reasons Why Instagram Is So Important to Your Online Business


Instagram is growing too fast and with its increasing popularity, there are plenty of opportunities out there. These opportunities can help your business reach the right audience and increase your brand exposure pretty easily.

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We are about to discuss how you can use Instagram to reach the perfect group of people which will increase your business and sales.

1. Because Instagram is a Photo Community

To answer the question about the meaning of Instagram, you have to ask yourself: Why photos speak a language! With photos, people can identify themselves, tell a story or arouse emotions.

People take photos with their mobile phones and upload them to Instagram. They are not perfect, they are snapshots of life.

People search Instagram for inspiration and things they are passionate about. This includes content from brands, companies, and blogs. People want to be inspired and become active to contribute and achieve free Instagram followers

Companies use Instagram marketing to showcase the personality of their brand, find customers and highlight products and services for a dedicated audience.

Whatever your goal, your business simply belongs on Instagram.

2. Because of Many Companies Now Value Instagram

  • An enthusiastic community
  • More than 600 million people worldwide use Instagram every month.
  • A popular mobile destination
  • 60 percent of all people learn about products and services on Instagram.
  • Companies are discovered here
  • 75 percent of people become active and perform actions after being inspired by an Instagram article.
  • People spend one-fifth of their time on mobile devices on Facebook or Instagram. 150 percent more time was spent watching videos on Instagram in the last six months.
  • This is where people and businesses connect
  • 70 percent of Instagrammer follow a company on Instagram.
  • Instagram is a platform for companies
  • More than 500,000 advertisers worldwide use Instagram to tell their company stories and improve their business results. More than 1.5 million companies worldwide use Instagram.
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3. Because You’ll be Noticed Quickly with a Company Profile on Instagram

The Instagram company Profile is designed to help you better understand your subscribers and build your business. A Company Profile allows you to showcase your business on Instagram, collect statistics on subscribers and contributions, and promote contributions to achieve your marketing goals.

This means your customers can see valuable information in your profile, such as your company’s address or contact information. You can also post relevant information such as your most popular articles, promote your website and show yourself to your followers.

4. Because with Instagram You can have a Clear Goal

You can quickly and easily search for suitable partners in the Instagram search function, follow them and get tips and suggestions. In doing so, you follow a clear goal and can decide which Campania you want to start to get attention.

5. Because You Can Quickly Generate Followers

Followers bring you more reach in your online visibility. If you already have a presence on other social networks or have your own website or blog, the next obvious step is to make your customers, fans, and followers aware of your new presence on Instagram.

You can use a blog article or image gallery on your homepage, blog, and newsletter to promote your Instagram profile. Include a picture gallery or video of your best Instagram posts.

6. Because You can Link your Instagram Account to Other Social Media Networks.

So you can invite your friends on Facebook or on your website to follow you on Instagram. If you post a photo or video on Instagram, you can share it with your Facebook account right away. Now you can be sure to get the best reach.

Remember to offer your followers interesting content and make them curious.

7. Because You Can use Hashtags as the Most Important Instrument

A hashtag is created by placing the hash symbol directly in front of a specific keyword or string. There is no higher-level rule for the selection of the word or character string. The hashtag can consist of both characters and numbers and can be freely chosen by the user. However, punctuation marks and spaces must not be included.

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In social networks, a word or string marked with the # character is automatically converted into a link. Associated text, photos or videos are thus “tagged” and findable.

Users can use the hashtag mechanism to search for specific keywords or character strings in the vastness of the network and thus filter information relevant to them. For example, if a user searches for the hashtag #september in social networks, all photos, videos or even texts marked with the hashtag #september are displayed.

Hashtags are an effective means of finding potential followers, following them, marking their posts with a “like” or leaving a comment. The challenge is to address your buyers and potential buyers of your products, lovers of your brand or trendsetters in your field on Instagram.

8. Because Daily Interactions Increase Your Visibility

If you post something on Instagram every day, you can reach a lot of people in a short time. If you then provide them with interesting content, you can quickly build your follower list. People love photos, sayings, and small videos. But make sure that you stay true to yourself and post only relevant articles.

Also, comment from time to time on posts and follow the ones that follow you.

Look for profiles that have a large number of subscribers. In the beginning, you will, of course, have to follow more Instagram than vice versa. Even though there is no set rule for this, the number of profiles you subscribe to should not exceed three times the number of subscribers following you. The long-term goal is usually to at least reverse this ratio.

9. Because You Can Easily Search for Matching Profiles and Posts using Hashtags.

The quickest way to find matching posts and profiles is to use hashtags that match your profile topic. Users who use the hashtags of your topic are most likely to be interested in your profile, read your posts or follow you.

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The subscribers of these users are also an interesting target group for you, as they are also interested in your topic. Here you could look for suitable profiles and posts that you could follow or that could follow you. In addition, this research will tell you which hashtags are still being used for your topic and you can continuously develop your own “hashtag mix”.

10. Because You Generate New Customers Through Followers

New followers could be your customers later. You should keep them happy and not alienate them with advertising at first. With appealing photos and video postings, you can stand out and present yourself as a brand. If that inspires your followers, they will follow you on your website and other channels.

11. Because With a Targeted Plan You can Tell a Story

Make a weekly plan and introduce yourself to your community with specific topics, letting your creativity run free and think about specific topics that will be well received by your target audience.

Monday you give a motivation tip and Tuesday a consultant tip etc. So you have contact to your followers every day. Also include two days where you show your human side, e.g. at work, at leisure or where you pursue your hobbies.

12. Because You Can do a Good Competitive Analysis

Take a look at what content strategies are being pursued by other competitors and what, if anything, is transferable to your business? Where do you have the strengths that you can show off even better than your competitors? Which hashtags are used by your competitors?

13. Because with Instagram You Can Look Behind the Scenes

A look behind the scenes can be a photo or video of a workshop, or a close-up report of an event, or even a presentation of employees or partners. Even the “making-of” of your Instagram photo, which shows you take your photo, is an exciting behind-the-scenes look.

You can also post photos and videos from your everyday office life or after a party. An event or function is also interesting for your followers.

14. Because You Can Create a Posting Plan for Instagram

Three times a week you should post at least one post. It would make sense to post a tip in the form of a quotation once, content about your personality twice and once you can post advertising for yourself. Use a tool that supports you.


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