How can You Check Your Child’s Computer Remotely?


Most of the children are now spending maximum hours on the computer. Though, they need to spend time on computers due to their academic and other requirements but some of them waste time on various activities on the computer.

Tracking kids computer activity

Parents should know what they are really doing on the computer and checking these computers remotely will be the best way that will make sure that, whether your child is on the right track or not. This is the main reason for which, you need to come with a proper process to check these computers remotely.

One thing is to keep in mind that the device that the child is using must have parental control systems. They have options to choose the parental control system.

Some of the people can screen out the activities that have been done in the past few hours with the PC. However, there are different types of ways available by which parents can easily check out the activities of the children. The best way is to read the plan of parental control for each device and operating system that the family will use in maximum time.

Track the Child on the PC 

It is important to track the activities on PC and to constantly check behind the children. There are various softwares that are popular to provide an effective tracking system to the parents. The software has several features that are perfect to spy on your children and their activities. The features that are given in this software are something interesting to give the right option to the users to properly track what the actions have been done so far with the PC.  

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If your kid has started playing a game instead of any kind of version, you can easily close your remote or if you can stop this by remotely blocking that activity. This kind of software is certainly about delaying the program that is all about spying and in this way, it will be easier to track the minute-by-minute activities that the kid is doing with his PC.  

Use Hoverwatch to Monitor and Record Everything 

Hoverwatch is a certain kind of software that mainly allows the parents to easily track the activities of children on PC. This app will allow you to record the phone calls, media, and text messages that your kids had received and sent. This app is also very effective to spy on browsing activities.

In this way, you can easily know what your kids have browsed and what their intentions are. These are some of the most interesting apps that will not only make you more secure while getting the right info regarding the appropriate things that are not only great to consider but also make a perfect attribution on the parental duties to track and analyze the kid’s activity on PC.

Maximum kids are spending several hours on social media and tracking their social media accounts is the best way to know about their interests and with whom they are connected. If they become friends with any druggists or any other person who has a bad track record, it is important to keep the kids away from them.

To do that, analyzing and tracking social media accounts is important. This app gives the option to properly find social media activities from various social media channels like Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram. As a parent, you can track them without their knowing.

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To summarize what they have done, you can also search their phone contact list and all which will let you know the details about their activities. You should monitor child’s computer remotely to know about his daily activities on the computer. 

Keep an Eye Remotely on Your Kids with Qustodio 

Eyeing on the kids is the most important part of parenting. It is not only controlled over the kids but also allows you to perform your fundamental duties as a parent.

So, it is interesting to know that, there are several apps available that will filter your kid’s PC activity and it will not only make you more interesting but also make a great effort which comes with an onus on the kids and they can’t act with their wishes.

Qustodio is another beautiful and effective app that not only gives anticipated results to the parents but also they make a great way forward to know and trace the exact activities of their kids on computers. 

This app allows you to protect up to five devices. 

  • You can easily filter the content. 
  • Can set a time limit for your child to use the PC. 
  • Limit the web access of your kid. 
  • Monitor different types of conversations on different types of social media channels.
  • Track the browsing history and even it will let you know the browsing history on the incognito windows. 
  • It will also alert you when any specious or dangerous phrase comes in. 
  • It also gives a panic button and it gives the kids the option to press whenever they face any trouble. 
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These are some of the best things that you can get from Qustodio. 

Spy on the Computer Activity of Your Children with FlexiSpy 

You don’t want to just spy on the children’s PC but you surely want to know the entire activities they are doing with their digital platforms. So, to get all these things possible, it will be easier for you to come with the right kind of option that would make something more satisfying to the parents.

FlexiSpy has come with this option and this app will make a great contribution to monitoring the entire digital activity of the children by the parents. It is perfect to work on various platforms including Windows, Mac, and iOS. 

You can use it to monitor the web activities including the phone calls that your kid had made with their friends or mates. This app also hides the logs in the keystrokes that are important to keep yourself away from these activities.

These are some of the best ways by which you can easily spy on the children’s activity on the PC remotely.


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