5 Components To Keep An Eye On When Building Your Own PC


Many believe that if they put together a great PC its performance will somehow be double of prebuilt PCs. And they are absolutely right! Because they know what type of work they will be doing and by putting together a high-end PC they will be able to perform well in their work.

Tips for building your own pc

So what are the components which hold great importance when we set out to buy the components of a PC? Let’s take a glimpse at the components that are very important when you want to build your own PC.

Table of Contents

1. Processor

The processor is quite the most important component that gives the necessary instructions and also the processing power that the computer needs to do its work. When you have a more powerful yet updated processor it is guaranteed that the computer will work faster and it can complete its tasks pretty rapidly.

Because getting a more powerful processor means you can help your computer think and work faster than the usual speed. Having a powerful processor is always a great idea which will help in various tasks and also its very expensive to replace it later like other parts of the PC. It is very good idea to choose a ideal processor which will work for you in long run and other parts such as storage, RAM and GPU can be upgraded later based on your requirements.

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Just imagine that a processor is the one that tells everyone how to do their job. When the processor is fast enough to give others their jobs then other components will do their part rapidly and swiftly.

2. RAM

RAM is one of the most important components when it comes to building your own PC. When the right RAM is installed you won’t be experiencing any random freezing, lagging and the PC will work perfectly fine. And you’ll be able to perform various tasks simultaneously. 

Due to the RAM’s possibility of upgrading, you can improve it whenever you want to. Because when you multitask or you run programs that are quite heavy then you should upgrade it according to that. You need to also use DDR4 ram to get most out of the RAM. Let’s say if you are someone who uses the PC for light browsing and working with basic Office applications or maybe just doing personal editing of the photographs then 4 GB RAM would be perfect.

If you are someone who is a heavy multitasker or even a light gamer then 8 GB would be enough. For some enthusiasts who are working on intensive tasks such as serious gaming, video editing, and even programming and don’t want to experience slowdowns then 16 GB+ RAM is necessary to satisfy their needs.

3. Graphics Card

Next up is the graphics card that is quite mandatory to have because it is the one that delivers the best visuals onto your computer screen. When you possess a good graphics card you will be able to perform high-end tasks as well. Like if you are into video editing and gaming then you’ll probably be needing the best graphics card that doesn’t provide a blurry image and delivers excellent visuals on your monitor screen. Plus they are responsible to give you the almost-real imagery. Several gamers prefer to have a graphics card that displays and supports VR-Ready games that will let them play the high demanding games.

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Moreover, you can always upgrade your graphics cards when the existing one is not up to the mark and you can install a new one to get the work done.

4. Cooling system

One of the most important components a PC should have is the best cooling system. When you don’t have the best cooling system it means you can say goodbye to all the effort and money you put into building yourself a nice powerful PC. Because heat is disastrous for a PC and it eats all the components when not controlled.

There are various cooling systems available that are capable of counteracting the heat while keeping the system cool. Cooling systems that are available are air cooling and liquid cooling. There has always been a debate on which of the two are the ones that work wonders for a PC. Many say that liquid cooling is the most effective and powerful to cool down the system. Meanwhile, some believe that air cooling is also a great, cheap way to cool down the PC. Take a look at this collection of the best CPU coolers you can find and pick yourself one that suits your needs.

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5. Storage

This is also one of the most important components. Because one always wants to store heavy data but if you don’t have the storage you won’t be able to. Mainly there are two types of storage capacity – one known as HDD and the other, SSD.

HDDs are the traditional type and are known to be less powerful and slower compared to SSDs because SSDs have higher data transfer rates and also have the higher areal storage density and they are much more reliable and access or retrieve data quite must faster as compared to HDDs.

For people who prefer to do less intensive work, they will be able to make do with an HDD. But the ones who prefer to play high-end games prefer to have SSD because it can store loads of large gaming files and it is quite essential for them to have an SSD in their system. Either way, having your OS on an SSD makes a world of difference.


What you have to do now is set up your budget and get on with buying the components to build yourself the perfect PC that would go a long way without any hindrance. Plus if you want to keep yourself updated on anything tech-related you can pay a visit to daillly.com.


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