iPad Pro Review : In-Depth Analysis


Apple has finally launched the next generation iPad which is the iPad Pro. Apple planned to bring something different with the next generation iPad, which was the big screen of the iPad Pro.The iPad Pro comes with a big display screen which distinguishes it from its predecessors. If you were not able to catch the Apple event, have a look at our short review of iPad Pro.

iPad Pro


Design and Build

The design of the iPad Air is quite similar to the Air 2. You can think of iPad Pro as the maxed out version of the iPad Air. The placement of the buttons, curved edges, material and design of the iPad Pro are same as that of the iPad Air 2.

There are four speakers present on the iPad Pro which deliver great sound. Apple has added a new connector in the iPad Pro which is the new smart connector according to Apple. The new smart connector will work with the new smart keyboard accessory which is available for the iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro comes with touch ID which can recognize your fingerprint and you can unlock the device using your fingerprint.


Coming to the screen of the iPad Pro, you will get a 12.9-inch display screen. This is the biggest screen size which has Apple ever provided in their iPads.

One of the best things about the display of the iPad Pro is it is both sharp and delivers staggering resolution of 2732 X 2048 pixels. The resolution provided by the display of the iPad Pro is the highest resolution in any iOS device.

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Processor and RAM

The Apple iPad Pro comes with a brand new A9x chip. Apple claims that this chip of the iPad Pro delivers double the speed of what iPad Air 2 delivers.

The A9x chip is the fastest chip which Apple has ever built for its iOS devices. If you like playing games on iPad, you will surely like the iPad Pro as the A9x processor will deliver great gaming performance.

If you have used any Apple device in the past you might know that Apple never discloses the amount of RAM in its devices.As per sources and reports it is claimed that the iPad Pro comes with massive 4 GB of RAM. The 4 GB RAM is definitely going to help you while you are performing a lot of tasks on your iPad Pro and will deliver great performance.


The iPad Pro comes with an 8 Mega pixel rear facing camera. The rear camera is an iSight camera and is same as the one which is present in the iPad Air 2.

Some of the features which you will get in the rear camera of the iPad Air are autofocus, five element lens, hybrid IR filter, backside illumination, exposure control, burst mode and many others.

The front facing camera of the iPad Pro is 1.2 Mega pixel same as that of the iPad Air 2. There are no new upgrades in the camera as you will get the same camera as of the iPad Air 2 in iPad Pro.


If you are planning to buy the Wi-Fi variant of the iPad Pro, there are only two storage options which are 32 GB and 128 GB.

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The cellular variant of the iPad Pro is available only in 128 GB. The storage options which Apple has provided with the iPad pro are weird.


The 32 GB Wi-Fi model is available for $799 whereas you will get the 128 GB iPad Pro for $949.

If you want to buy the 128 GB cellular model you can buy it for $1079.

Now it’s your take on iPad pro. Let us know about what do you think.


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