How to Make More Money as a Freelance Web Content Writer


According to the stats, most businesses are quickly turning to online platforms to increase their visibilities. Even more, technology has made it possible for clients to make their purchases online—irrespective of their location.Making money as freelance content writer

What does this mean? It means internet marketing is becoming a big hit and quickly gaining momentum. It means that content writers will be needed more than ever. Online writer jobs are on the rise.

The Changing Time

Digital sales copies will replace print when it comes to marketing. So, if you are planning to become a content writer, you are headed for the best. With the right tips, you’ll catapult yourself into the world of content writing greatness. At least you have dared to dream. But how do you make more money as a freelance web content writer?

With thousands of freelance writing, making real money can be challenging. You have to compete and show your prowess to potential clients. Thus, if you are struggling to make meaningful income from freelance writing, you might have to consider changing your game. Here are the tips you need to get on the right path.

1. Start a Blog

You want to show the world that you have the skills to nail that seductive web content copies, right? Well, starting a blog is the secret weapon you need. With a blog, you have a platform where you can put your skills into practice and showcase the potential clients that you can do it. It acts as your portfolio and offers you a way to practice your skills.

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Consider creating a lead generation-based strategy and monetizing your blog. With a blog, you are able to build credibility in your niche—a powerful step towards marketing your skills to the world. Even more, a blog makes you confident as a writer—which gives you the determination and will power to venture into the unknown.

Pro tip

Have a “hire me” page at the bottom of your blog. It will tell your prospects that you possess the skills and you’re ready to take on projects. Also, include portfolio pages featuring your best-written samples. Other things to incorporate into your blog include about me, testimonials, and contact page.

2. Go for a Profitable Niche

Well, niches are not the same. There are those that require specialization—making them highly paying. So, do your research and know those niches that pay handsomely. For instance, parenting niche is well paying. You can make a decent living here. Note: finding a well-paying niche isn’t that easy. It takes time. All you need is to know the hot products or topics out there.

Important: Don’t just go for any niche. It should come from within. You should have a passion for it. Remember, it takes passion to succeed. Thus, whatever niche you choose, ensure that you love it and you are ready to sacrifice for it.

3. Know Your Ideal Clients

Depending on the niche you choose, figuring out your potential clients can help propel your content writing career to the next level. Are you looking to work with big companies? Are you confident enough to work for big companies? These are the question you should be asking yourself when figuring out your clients. Plus, there are some many clients looking for professional writing services. So, the market is huge.

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4. Create Samples (They Should Be Around Your Chosen Niche)

Nowadays, most clients are looking for writers with immense experience in a given topic. Thus, being a newbie can dent your chances of landing a great content writing gig. The secret is in creating as many samples as possible in your niche. With samples, your potential clients are convinced that you know what you are doing and you have the expertise and experience to propel their project to new success heights.

5. Social Media Presence

Tell the world that you know it. Show them through social media platforms how you can do it. Show them how you are able to create seductive copies. Freelancers, who are always online, tend to land more gigs. So, create a Facebook page. Market it. Don’t be afraid to revamp your LinkedIn. It’s a powerful marketing tool.  The same goes for Twitter and Instagram. With social media, you have a tool to boost your online presence—which can help you land more gigs. Social media presence pays!

Pro tips

Start small. You don’t have to be in all social media platforms. Go for Twitter and LinkedIn—they are the best when it comes to showcasing your professional work. Work on and refine your copy. Let your bio do the talking. Get the best image for your bio page. Choose the best background theme. Don’t be afraid to go personal.

Additional Tips

Other tips for making a stable income from freelance writing include:

  • Bidding for the right jobs and pitching to the right organizations
  • Diversifying your income (i.e. monetize your blog and doing affiliate marketing)
  • Setting your goals
  • Know when to raise your rates
  • Not spending more time on less paying projects
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The Bottom-Line

Making money through freelancing is real. It’s happening. Many guys are making a fortune out of it. So, why let the hard economic times pin you down. Get online. Learn how to write content. Be a great content writer. Look for well-paying jobs in sites like Learn the above tricks and you’ll love the idea of working from the comfort of your house.


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