Scholars Need to Know Plagiarism Software for Plagiarism Free Thesis


Once in a lifetime, your academic career demands a thesis, while some of the scholars adapt it as a lifestyle. No matter if you are writing a thesis to pass the graduation, or a scholar doing it to contribute in the field of research by adding up knowledge.Plagiarism software for plagiarism free thesis

The thesis is a fine piece of writing with the facts and figures and arguments that are related to resolve a certain problem or expand knowledge. A worthy thesis needs to be plagiarism free and original so it can add up a real credit.

A scholar needs to ensure the no plagiarism requirement in a thesis or any scholarly article. Plagiarism checker tools are one of the great help in this regard. Such tools help scholars to cite the information properly and minimize the chances of any copied information in their work. All there is a need to choose such tools wisely because you cannot take a risk on this serious plagiarism issue, especially with the thesis.

While writing a thesis, you need to consult different databases and previously researches available in journals and other sources such as newspaper, books, online sites, write-ups and more. When you consult a scholarly article, phrase or quote it into your thesis, plagiarism appears to be a common challenge.

A number of scholars work on same topics and use the data available out there, you’re paraphrasing or context can match to anyone else and you will end up having an originality challenge. When you are done with all you can to avoid plagiarism by rephrasing the stuff or giving complete citation the plagiarism checker helps you to evaluate and remove such issues from the writing.

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How Plagiarism Checker Software Can Save You?

You never know on a daily basis what content is getting upload on the sites and journals. Sometimes right before your submission, an article can go online and you will end up with nothing but some originality objections.

That’s why it is recommended to provide an originality report with your submission so the uploading or publications after submission will not affect you. The plagiarism checker software can actually save you to a greater level:

  • Removing copied content – it helps you to remove the content that is showing copied from another source.
  • Provide extensive suggestions on removing plagiarism – can get the guidance to remove the plagiarized content.
  • Suggest formatting and citations – it helps with the proper formatting, citation techniques, and writing styles.
  • Search through multiple databases – give access to the database of academics to find out all possible sources
  • Gives you an originality proof – it helps to identify the fine piece of your original work.

Things Should Consider Avoiding Plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism and reduce the risk of thesis plagiarism you should take following consideration while writing your thesis:

  • Understand plagiarism and its forms. There can be many kinds of forms in plagiarism that can affect your writing
  • Add proper citations and credits when using information from an already published article or thesis. Do provide references even if the writing is not published as per the research ethics.
  • Know your limit for the copied content in a thesis. The academic bodies have defined a safe plagiarism limit for the researchers considering the exceptions.
  • Use the proper quotation marks as per the formatting style guide when adding any direct quotation.
  • Most importantly run plagiarism checker software on your thesis before submission and submit the report as well.
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Ultimate thesis plagiarism checker tool – Prepostseo

Prepostseo is the ultimate plagiarism checker available for scholars – it is a free online tool. It has a completely secure database with more than 95 features other than plagiarism checker.

Most importantly you do not need to buy a license or paid subscription to get benefits from this software. It is available for everyone. You can get the benefits from its features by log in As per the academic requirements students and scholars allowed to have less than 15% of plagiarism in their thesis that is acceptable.

Prepostseo is completely safe and designed by keeping the copyright considerations. While checking the plagiarism scholar needs to upload a complete document on the software online and the software runs it against all possible databases to give reliable results. The software not only helps scholars, but it is also useful for the content writers and professional editors.


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