9 Seriously Awesome Apps for Photographers


Many novice and professional photographers during shooting prefer to rely on their knowledge and intuition to build a frame and place objects in it, to select the lighting and angle of shooting, to select the exposure and aperture size.

Best apps for photographers

However, there are applications for photographers that make it easy to work with the camera, as they save time on certain processes. We are not talking about photo editors, which, of course, every photographer should have. For‌ ‌more‌ ‌details‌ ‌check‌ apppearl.

This refers to utilities that automate some of the actions that precede taking a picture. And for those whose earnings are mainly related to photography, there are special programs with which you can sell your best picture.

Let’s consider 9 awesome applications, which will be great helpers for a photographer of any level.

1. Posing App

This app will be useful not only for novice photographers but also for professionals. The program includes 410 poses in different categories: children, women, men, groups, couples, weddings, portraits. Besides, there is a short description and layout. You will also find tips and secrets of photography.

In addition to tips on posing, here are tips on photographing people. For example: “Facial expressions”, “Position of the head, hands, and feet”, “tips for exposure and composition”.

2. Light Pollution Map

This application will be an excellent companion for a professional photographer. Light Pollution Map is a real map of natural light. It allows you to find the best places with the bright sun or dramatic cloudy skies, as well as shows the moon phases and much other information that concerns natural light.

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3. PhotoPills

This application must be present in the arsenal of each photographer. PhotoPills will help you plan the perfect shot, it will tell you when there will be a sunset or sunrise at the desired point for you to get a fascinating picture. Application features include a cartographic scheduler and augmented reality mode. You can specify a place on the maps and PhotoPills will tell you when the lighting will be perfect.

4. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Another application for planning pictures with a difference in the direction of informativeness. The Photographer’s Ephemeris visualizes the scene environment in three-dimensional mode, thus helping to understand how the light will fall and reflect from a particular place.

Besides, the application knows how to automatically determine your location, and displays the moon phases for night photography. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is quite difficult to master for beginners, but once you study it, the app can significantly improve your photography.

5. PhotoTime

If the two previous applications seem too overloaded for you, in this case, try the PhotoTime app.

This program is designed to help you quickly select the best place and time for your photo sessions outdoors. The main page of the interface displays the periods of the golden hour for your current location.

6. FotoTool

Whether you are just starting to shoot or you already have quite a long experience, sometimes you will want to take a picture with a complex scene. In such cases, applications will come to the rescue.

For example, to create the perfect bokeh effect, you can specify the camera type, lens, and distance to the object, and the FotoTool app will calculate the necessary settings. Also, it can calculate settings for star trails, help in shooting at long exposures, and when creating timelapse.

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7. Exposure calculator

Exposure depends on three parameters: shutter speed, aperture, and light sensitivity. At different combinations of these parameters, we get frames of different brightness. However, you may also get frames of the same brightness with different combinations of these parameters. This program helps to calculate which expo parameters will be equivalent to the selected ones.

The program interface is simple and clear: you specify the initial exposure at the top and get the final one at the bottom.

8. EyeEm

The application allows you to receive prizes or cash awards for your photos. Also, photos can be published on various news sites or sent to photo agencies.

EyeEm has 17 filters and 12 frames. The user can create a feed of photos on topics of interest to them. You can sync the app with Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

9. Snapwire

Snapwire is an app for those who make a living from photography. After registration, the user performs free customer orders. If the customer rated the image, he set experience points, which will eventually allow the user to switch to paid orders.

Having accumulated a lot of experience, you can take part in a competition of photographers. Snapwire outputs the best pictures to a special database with high prices.

It is worth noting that orders for images can come from really large brands. In this case, if you have the experience, you can get a commission directly from the customer.


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