Top Secrets to Staying Productive When Managing a Big Project

Managing a big project can be overwhelming even for the best managers. Better planning and coordination of work may sound just like mere words, but they are among the hardest things to do for many people.secrets to managing a big project

Nevertheless, we have successful project managers across the world and it is worth knowing their secrets.

According to experts fromĀ CORS, it is important for the entrants in projects management to understand the strategies their seasoned and successful counterparts use to stay productive when managing big projects. Read on to know more:

Secrets to Stay Productive While Managing Big Projects

Have a Project Task Map

Some managers have more than one projects to take care of. Others have deep check-list for their megaproject and they must check the details of each one of them. Unrelated tasks in a project can be overwhelming and only a project task map can guide you.

If you do not have experience, take advantage of the consultants to draw the appropriate map that will guide you professionally. This way, you will not forget any task.

Use of Priority Matrix

In every project, some tasks will be urgent while others can wait. It is up to the manager and the team to come up with the priority list. It will show what needs to be done at any one time depending on urgency and how they affect the success of other projects.

Managers who can effectively apply this approach are more likely to succeed from the beginning to the end of the project. They will also have fewer challenges because the tasks will flow in harmony no matter what is the size of the project.

Using the “Getting Things Done” Method

It is also known as the GTD method. It is popular in projects management and you will rarely go wrong with this method. This time management method allows managers to solve things in a simple and straightforward way.

Simply said, this approach ensures that the people in a team get to perform the tasks assigned to them without beating around the bush. GDT clears the list of tasks to be done and avoids piling of work. Effective managers know the potential output of their staff and will plan work to increase the success rate.

The Pomodoro Approach

The last approach to staying productive during a large project is the Pomodoro approach. It is also a time-based management strategy but its focus is on what will be done at any specific time including the rest periods. Workers do work while checking the allocated to ensure that work is completed on time.

This approach sets the base for work milestones and the success of a team is measured by how accurately they meet the set deadlines. If you want to stay successful in this strategy, you must let the team come up with ways that will make them successful.


It is easy to stay productive while managing a big project. The approaches used are simple and straightforward. The above are the most successful any manager can find joy in using. Start emulating them now and you will never regret.

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