What Items Can Drop in CS: GO?


With the pandemic that many people are experiencing today, the gaming industry is seeing a big growth. A lot of people are staying home as a safety precaution, and hence, online games are gaining an unprecedented popularity. There are tons of games you might want to play, and one of the best is Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO.

Items that can drop in cs go

If you are interested in playing CS: GO, take the time to understand its different elements. Among others, you need to know drops, including the items that you can obtain and what you can do with them. Keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share in this short article.


What are Drops?

It is easy to understand CS: GO drops as they literally refer to items that drop when you are playing the game. They happen randomly, so you don’t know exactly when it will appear, and most importantly, what it will contain. Consider yourself lucky when you got a drop from the game. However, don’t rejoice just yet! In most cases, the item inside these cases is of insignificant value.

In most situations, a drop happens when you level up in a game. Think of it as a reward for completing one level and getting to the next. Take note, however, that you don’t get a drop in every rank. It is limited to only one per week. The good news is that outside of these, there are still random situations where you might get a drop.

How to Obtain Drops?

As mentioned, you need to play the game and level up. Regardless of the mode at which you are playing, it is possible to get drops whether you are in private or Valve Anti-Cheat servers with at least one more player. You can get four drops in a week. One of these drops is from your level up. Meanwhile, three more drops are possible when you are playing. Often, you will receive these drops in the form of cases. The next section will talk more about what you can expect in these drops.

What Can Drop?

There are three main ways to categorize the items that you will get from drops in CS: GO. The first one is a case drop. It happens in random after a match. Regardless if you had a good or bad game, you could have a case drop. Some of its examples include Fracture, Prisma, Clutch, and Danger Zone cases. In free-to-play CS: GO, there are also non-prime cases that will drop, including Revolver, Horizon, and Spectrum Cases. Once the cases are out of the regular pool, they become rare drops. Some of its examples include Operation Bravo, Shadow, Gamma, and Shatter Web Cases.

You can also receive graffiti drops. These drops can be used for decorating walls or can also be sold. The drops will contain a graffiti spray. You can use one spray only at a maximum of 50 times.

CS: GO drops will also include weapon skins. They can be part of the cases as earlier mentioned or they can drop already in the form of cases. Many of these cases are valuable, but only a few are lucky to land one that is indeed expensive.

What To Do With Drops

Now that you have the drops, the next thing you are most probably concerned with is what you should do with it. While you can keep it in your inventory, the next logical step is to open these drops. To do so, you will need keys. In the past, you can trade keys. Today, however, it is obtainable only through your own account. Because of fraudulent transactions, Steam has prohibited the selling of keys. You can buy keys for $2.50. Once you have it, you can open the drops.

After opening the drop, you can use the skins inside to change the looks of your weapons. They are compatible with different weapons. The skins will have various patterns, and some will have stickers. They function purely for cosmetics. They do not enhance the performance of your weapons. Nonetheless, if you are lucky you can have rare skins from these drops, and you can sell them for thousands of dollars! The chances of this happening is extremely low, but who knows, you might just be lucky enough!


In sum, CS: GO drops happen in random! They are in the form of cases, graffiti, or skins. The most popular are skins. They do not change the way weapons work beyond altering their looks. When cases drop, you need keys to open them, which you can obtain through your account at $2.5. Depending on what is in the drop, you might be able to sell it at a high value, but this is highly doubtful as most of the contents are ordinary items.


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