Why You Should Hide Your IP Address and How to Do It Right

The address assigned to a particular internet-connected device is known as its IP address. Every internet-connected device, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer has its IP address. Internet Protocol uses a device’s address when linked to the internet to determine where to send and receive data.

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You won’t be able to access the internet or engage in any online activity without an IP address. Your IP address is visible to any website you visit as you connect. It is essential to enabling the flow of data. Understanding how to conceal IP addresses is the way to remain anonymous. Using VPN and private proxy services is useful in this regard.

Using WiFi In Public Places Securely

Free WiFi can be highly alluring to people who are always on the road or do not have their WiFi network at home. Even if it seems fantastic, accessing free WiFi without concealing your IP address might go wrong. Unsecured and WiFi networks are well known for providing hackers access to unwary users’ personal information. It is not what you want them to see, as they could use your IP address against you.

Accessing Geo-blocked Content

You may be unable to access all streaming or downloading services in every region due to restrictions. It sometimes happens as a copyright rule is performed which keeps you from visiting a website that offers torrents for downloading media files. You can circumvent these blockades and visit any website by hiding your IP address.

Boost Security at Wireless Hotspots

Your online activity will be even more secure if your IP address is indistinct. Your data travels via the virtual private network (VPN) server, Hotspot Shield included, before its final destination. The IP address linked with your information exclusively comes from the VPN, as far as the recipient is concerned.

Conceal Your Whereabouts

Hide your IP address, maybe for the most obvious reason of all, to conceal your location. The best technique to prevent anyone from knowing where you live or where you frequently access the internet is to hide your IP address. There are several reasons why it’s perilous for a skilled hacker to be able to follow your every step credits to those four small numbers. If you aren’t careful with your settings, many social media sites track and report your location for you.

Keep Your Search Activity Secret

Websites can continuously monitor your behavior if you have a static IP address that is not changed regularly. It keeps a never-ending record of your browsing activities and the pages you view. Particularly, search engines adore this data. They can use it to learn how you use the internet, what material you search for, and which search results are most relevant to you. One of the ways to ensure that the traffic coming from search engines remains anonymous is to hide your IP address.

How to Conceal Your IP address

You essentially have options when it comes to hiding your IP address. While one uses a virtual private network (VPN), the other uses a proxy server.

Proxy Server

While there are some similarities between a proxy server and a VPN, there are also some differences. With it, you will be able to stream media and visit websites that could otherwise be prohibited. You use the private proxy server’s IP address to connect to websites once you’ve established a connection.


Using a virtual private network (VPN) to conceal your IP address is arguably the most efficient method available. By masking your IP address with an alternate one and rerouting your internet traffic, a VPN hides your IP address from the public. With the help of virtual private networks, or VPNs, you can browse the internet and keep your IP address private.

Establish a Mobile Network Connection

Your IP address changes when you switch networks. Because the router assigns the address to you when you connect to the network. You can establish your wireless hotspot and use that network instead of your typical connection method if you have a mobile device with a data plan. It conceals your actual IP address.

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