7 Gadgets to Make Life Better


The best thing about technology is how it has paved new ways to improve our day by day lives. From how we sleep to how we work out, there is a gadget for almost anything to make things a little easier. Here are some of the hottest products on the market right now that could be perfect for you.Gadgets to make life better

7 Gadgets to Make Life Better

1. Google Home Mini

Get help with all kinds of tasks with the Google Home Mini. Use this little gadget to give you news, calls, reminders, update your schedule, and more. This device is totally hands-free; all you need is to speak directly to Google Home Mini. It has a built-in smart speaker and is equipped with Google Assistant.Google home mini

You can use Google Home Mini for hands-free entertainment, just ask it to play music, audio books, or even stream movies and shows to your television.

If you are a student, you can even save 10% if you use your Google Store discount code.  Google Home Mini lets you control your whole smart home with just your voice. There are over 5,000 devices that Google Home Mini is compatible with.

2. Tigress Alert

If you are ever concerned about safety, and you would like a gadget other than pepper spray to give you a feeling of security, Tigress Alert is a great option. It releases an alarm that is nearly deafening. It is even louder than either an ambulance or a jackhammer and can be heard from more than 5 miles away.Tigress alert

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It has a keychain design so that it’s always on the ready whenever you may be in danger. It even has a security LED light that is built-in, making it easy to find your keys or search for anything in the dark. Stun enemies with the non-lethal Tigress Alert.

3. GoodNight Sleep-Enhancing Bulb

If you’re on the lookout for sleep enhancing gadgets, the GoodNight Sleep-Enhancing Bulb is a great choice. This special LED bulb uses NASA developed spectrum technology. It works by producing much less blue light than ordinary light bulbs, giving a helping hand to your circadian rhythm.Goodnight sleep enhancing bulb

With GoodNight Sleep-Enhancing Bulb you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly throughout the night. Put these light bulbs in your bedroom and when you are settling down your body will be able to signal your brain that it is time to start winding down and getting ready for sleep.

The GoodNight Sleep-Enhancing Bulb features a standard medium base that fits most lamps. It has customized spectrum and high-quality light.

4. Body Cardio

For those who are on the journey of weightless and a healthier lifestyle, Body Cardio is a useful gadget. It can tell you much more than just how much you weigh; it will give you bone and muscle mass, water percentage, body fat, and BMI. It is very helpful having a whole understanding of your full body composition.Body cardio

Setting a weight goal helps you track your weight, visualize where you want to be, and improve where you are. Health Mate gives you encouragement and Tips as you go along your journey. Body Cardio is just 0.7 inches thick. It is the most stable and thinnest scale that you can get. Use it on carpet or hard floors.

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INSIQ AW5 is a dashboard camera which could come in handy in a variety of situations, especially if you are ever in a car accident and were not at fault. As soon as you turn on the engine, the camera starts rolling with the Auto Start feature. It will also shut itself off when the engine is turned off.Insiq aw5

This dashboard cam utilized loop-recording, meaning when the memory is full, it will just overwrite the oldest recording. It has a motion detection sensor that triggers the camera to begin recording. With a High Dynamic Range setting and 7 glass lenses, it has exceptional night vision.

INSIQ AW5 has a 150-degree wide-angle view and rechargeable battery built-in.

6. Coway Airmega

This is a smart air purifier that is equipped with WiFi. With the CowayAirmega mobile app, you can control the CowayAirmega air purifier at any time and from any place. You can even navigate the smart mode which has eco, auto, and sleep functions. It also features air quality monitoring in real time.Coway airmega

The CowayAirmega covers 1,560 square feet. It is perfect for larger homes or spaces. Get reports of the air quality day and night in real-time straight from the purifier sensor.

The Smart Mode operates based on the present air quality conditions and adjusts the air-filtration speed for whatever is needed. It even has Alexa capability.

7. Trusty Charge

Whether you are preparing for an emergency, going camping, or you just want a quick backup power source in case your phone dies, the Trusty Charge is a great thing to keep around. It is an LED flashlight, portable USB charger, and solar-powered AM/FM radio.Trusty charge

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The Trusty Charge is also splash proof, so it is excellent for a day at the beach, and it is eco-friendly. It is powered with a hand crank and doesn’t need any batteries.


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