10 Best Diet and Nutrition Apps of 2019


Body weight is something that has been disturbing a lot of people. Some feel that they are underweight and would wish to increase their weight while others feel that they are too big in size to appreciate their bodies.best diet and nutrition apps

The only solution to the two groups of people is to learn on how they can feed on the best diet. The best diet, in this case, is a diet which is well balanced. One should be able to feed on a healthy diet which contributes healthy living.

If you have been struggling to know how you can manage your eating habit, you got covered by the following diet and nutritional Apps which will help you to train and prepare healthy food.

1Carb Manager

This App is important in helping the user in tracking the intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and water. All these food proportions are important although they should be taken with the care of control.

Carb manager App has a database of several food types which one is able to choose from when making a balanced diet.The App is useful in calculating for you the water level that you should be taking just for your good.

Additionally, the user of this App is supplied with the best articles, testimonies, and e-books. To have this App on your gadget, say an android phone, all you need is to pay an annual subscription fee.

2My Fitness Pal

This is one of the best diet and nutrition App. What makes it stand out is its ability to track calories in diets.

It has a collection of recipes to the user which they can import and use. Additionally, it has a support for different fitness trackers like the Google Fit. It also has a barcode scanner which is very effective.

The App is however not cheap as one may think but it is worth the cost. You need an annual subscription to be able to enjoy the services offered through the App.

3My Cook Book

My Cook Book is one of the simplest diet and nutrition App. It has no subscription fee. All you need is to download it.

This App contains millions of recipes. One is able to go through the App and get the recipe of the food he or she is planning to prepare.

One amazing thing about this App is that it is able to import recipes from very different sources including the Meal-Master and Master Cook. If you are struggling to balance your diet, hesitate no more. Make use of this App.


This is another free App. It is not the best App for you but is above average. It does not only contain food recipes. The uniqueness of this App is that it has a provision for people with different types of food allergies.

As you get a recipe for a given food, it also helps you to know if the food is going to be in line with your allergy. Members can also be helped to know how to eat comfortably without focusing on their allergies.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List
Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

5All Recipes Dinner Spinner

This is a recipe App. It helps the users to share recipes of different foods. From the platform, people are able to learn and know how to prepare their meals without having to spend money in the expensive restaurants.

Currently, it has several recipes, most of which are in video form. A user can be able to follow the steps in the video while making his or her meal.

Cooking is becoming more diverse every day. We live in a world where nearly all cultures are being embraced in the whole world. The App acts as a platform for people to share the recipes of their cultural food staffs. The App is free.

6My Recipe Cookbook

This is the most interesting App to use. It contains several recipes yet it is not as expensive as the other App for diet and nutrition. The App not only helps the user to get different recipes but also enables the user to modify the recipes.

Having this App on your phone helps you to store both your personal recipes and the Keto recipes without the fear of losing them. Unlike other sites, this App has a limitation on ads that keep popping up in other sites hence give you peace when using it.

My Recipes Cookbook : RecetteTek
My Recipes Cookbook : RecetteTek


Having done lots of effort to eat a healthy diet and to keep fit, it is important to have others around you with the same effort.

This is where you can find such people. Reddit App is more of a community gathering where people are given chance to share their experiences in their struggle to keep fit or to eat healthily.

They inspire others by sharing their recipes and what the food they take have done in their lives. It can be a motivation for those who fell like giving up. To use this app, you need to pay either a monthly or an annual subscription fee.

8Total Keto Diet

This is a free App and so you can be sure to have ads popping up as you use it. Basically, it is supported by the ads to make you use it for free.

The App is restricted only on the Keto diet and so you need not go through a long list to look for Keto recipes.

As free as it is, the App can help you regulate the different nutrients intake. It also has a shopping list as well as a database of different types of food.

9Life Sum

Life sum is both a diet and a fitness tracker App. The user of this App is able to have both his or her diet tracked as well as having the exercise life tracked. Exercise is one of the major ways of keeping the feel.

Through the App, a person is able to know which exercises he or she should be doing after taking any type of food based on the nutrients content of the diet. It also contains food recipes. The App is not free.

Some small fee is charged with an annual subscription fee. Anytime a user subscribes the annual fee, more recipes database, and better exercise tracking is added to the user.


Nearly everybody has heard about this App. People use it for a different reason but it could also be used as a manager for your diet. It is not free as you have to subscribe by fee monthly. You may think that it is free but for diet, it may cost you.

There are some YouTube users who focus on sharing recipes for the Keto diet. They explain in form of video how to prepare different types of food and what those food do in the body. You can make a choice of using this platform to develop your eating and exercise habits.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


If you have been struggling with your diet, it is time you decide on one or more Apps above and use it for the sake of your healthy living. It is simple.

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