A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Your Website Visitors


When one creates a website they have a target audience to pass target information and get a target benefit. If it is a business or an organisation, then the website will serve the owner in marketing the business ideas and products.understanding website visitors

The website is created to meet the needs of the visitor even though the owner may fail to understand the website visitors and so fail to capture them.

The website owner can only use designed tools to understand the visitors, get to understand what makes the website most interactive and most useful to the visitor.

The visitors have their own challenges of finding information from the site that the website designer may not understand.

However, any beginner faces these challenges and can be helped by the following tests on understanding the website visitors and thus design and equip the website to satisfy the visitor.

Tests To Understand Website Visitors

1Observation Testing

The owner or the website administrator sits with friends and family members who are likely to be using the website and observes them when they are doing things on the website.

The audience will point out the things they cannot understand then the owner can get to know what is not clear and make changes.

Moreover, during the observation testing, the website administrator should make sure that the users are free to interact with one another without fear or without any harassment.

The environment should also be conducive to discussions and where they are very free to work and raise their issues.

2The Five Seconds Test

Any website user will have gotten some information from a well-designed and structured website. They may seem a very short time but every beginner can be greatly helped by this test.

Ask friends and family members have a glace through your website within five seconds and show you a specific thing. Some may find the intended image or sentence within the five seconds while others may not.

They will give their challenges and their suggestions which can help you improve the website. Some may fail to get the information because the language or colour used is not visitors friendly giving you a hint of what to change to what.

Some may give their views just on small things that as a designer you don’t consider important abut always have in mind the website visitor.

During the five seconds glace, the website visitors will identify things that the owner may not even have thought of.

This way the designer gets to understand that website visitors gets to see those fine details that as the owner may not serious but they can blur the image of the business or the organisation.

3The Blur Test

The website visitor is the user and thus the administrator has a duty to make the things that stand out most relate to them. The designer may design the website with their interests and likes in mind but in the real sense, their likes are not what the target audience like.

Intentionally, the website owner blurs the page and then pretends to think of what the designer wanted to communicate on an issue.

The owner may do this or be helped by a friend. If one cannot identify the main aspect the designer wanted to pass out, then as the owner know that your website is not friendly to the intended visitors.

4Online User Testing

Website administrator requests internet users to complete different tasks and speak out their mind in explanatory comments. The online users may find some difficulties in completing the tasks and if they raise the problems experienced in the comments this to generate solutions to them.

During this way of testing, one gets to know how the users respond to different tasks and what they may just not like getting involved with. The owner gets to understand how the visitors use the website and thus equip it to meet their needs.

5Heuristic Testing

In heuristic testing, different people most probably workmates are asked to do different tasks of their choice at the website. They choose to depend on their needs and interests. After their choice, agree on the time you will take to complete the task.

Some may choose to buy goods if the website is a marketing site, others may choose to watch videos, others make a close looked and analysis of different images and many more different tasks.

After they complete the tasks, get their experience and the problems they encountered. Get to know how each worked through the task and use their response to improve the website.

Heuristic testing is a complete show that different users use the same website for different tasks and they encounter different problems that the designer and the administrator should give attention.

Some face difficulties in the simplicity of the language; others get problems in catching important information like contacts or even the organisation’s situation and direction.

Running Surveys to Get Blog Readers Feedback

Websites and blog owners need to get a feedback on specific issues to help them improve on their content to satisfy their readers. Running surveys is an effective way of getting feedback if they are conducted well.

Surveys are a good option to get blog readers feedback. This can be done through; Live chats- where this kind of survey, the readers ask questions and the blogger responds. Moreover, the blogger gets clarifications and suggestions from the readers.

On-page survey- the blogger asks a question and expects direct answers from the readers. The blogger has a target problem to solve and thus gets the desired feedback.

In asking the questions, the blogger design open-ended questions that will get explanations so that he/she gets enough information for a change.


Beginners may face challenges when it comes to understanding whether their website content satisfy the visitor’s needs.

As a beginner, most are the times that one designs a website with their interests and their views in mind and not the visitors. The owner of the website can be guided by the above tests to achieve their target and get the intended benefit of the website content.


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