5 Ideas of Holiday Gifts for College Students in 2020


Since the festive season is around the corner, you must think about the gifts you’ll give your friends. Gifting can be quite challenging because there is so much to choose from. You want to gift your friend something they’ll treasure and find a use for.

Best christmas gifts for college students

The best gift is the ones that are both thoughtful and functional. Since you are in college, you can consider gifting your friends with something they’ve always wanted. It could be mini-speakers or headphones.

If your friends love to read, you can get them a novel by one of their favorite authors. You can ask your friend what gift they’d like if they don’t like surprises. However, if they appreciate surprises, figure out what they enjoy now without spoiling the surprise for them.

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Best Ideas of Holiday Gifts for College Students

1. A Novel

As a college student, you should encourage your friends to develop a culture of reading. Reading other books, aside from those that are related to the course work, helps expand a student’s thinking capacity.

If your friend is an avid reader, you can get them a book by their favorite author. However, if they don’t read much, go for an easy read that introduces them to the joy of reading novels. Make sure it’s something they’ll be willing to ready because otherwise, it would be a waste.

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2. Accessories

If your friend is a lady, you can never go wrong with accessories. Get a piece of jewelry that has your friend’s seal of approval. Otherwise, they’ll have a tough time wearing it. If your friend likes accessories, take your time to observe the jewelry pieces they like to wear.

When it comes to accessories, you don’t have to spend a lot to impress. All you need is a unique piece that stands out.

3. Perfume

Who doesn’t like to smell nice? I don’t know of anyone. Everyone appreciates good fragrance and what better way to express your friendship than with a bottle of perfume. Each time they use the scent, they’ll be reminded of how blessed they are to have such a beautiful friendship.

4. Gadgets

Adding one more gadget to your friend’s collection will be much appreciated. If you noticed your friend complaining about how slow their smartphone is, you could get them another one. There is so much to choose from when it comes to gadgets. You can get an external hard drive so that they have enough space for their files and documents or a laptop if they don’t already have one.

5. Art

Art lovers appreciate it when they’re gifted beautiful pieces of art. If your friend is an art lover, this is the way to go. This shows that you pay attention to their interests.


As you can see, gifting a friend is not that hard. You just have to figure out what they’d appreciate.


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