Bring Your Lost Data Back with 5 Easy Steps


Accidentally or not, deleting files from PC is very common. Mainly, it is when you find the storage has been full and you need any space for the new files. But the problem is when you actually still need those files but you just realize it later. So, how is it? Is it possible to bring them back?Data Recovery using Recoverit

The answer is yes; absolutely you can find the lost data. There are indeed some important things you have to prepare before doing the data recovery. First, it is to know the type of operation system (OS) whether it is Windows or Mac. Second, you must provide the software to recover the data.

Particularly if you want to recover the data from Mac PC, you can follow some steps below.

Download and Install the Data Recovery Software

There are many kinds of data recovery software outside there. But if you want one that is able to recover faster, Recoverit is recommended. You can go to the website and use the trial version first.

Recoverit itself provides some types of recovery software including those for Windows and Mac. Besides, it works well for the Seagate data recovery also. Sure, if your PC applies Mac, you need to download Recoverit Mac data recovery instead of the one intended for Windows.

After the file has been downloaded, launch it and install it by clicking the next buttons. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions so that you know what and what not to do.

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Start to Recover the Data

Once the software is opened, there are some options displayed. They are Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery. Choose the option of Lost File Recovery. Click the Next button.

The other window is displayed and there are some other options. The software asks you regarding the type of files you want to recover. The options available are Photo, Audio, Video, Office Document, Email, and All File Types.

Sure, you need to choose one of them that describe the lost file. But if it is a special type of files in which cannot be categorized in one of them, just click All File Types. Follow it by clicking the Next button.

Choose the Location

There are some options displayed regarding where you lost your files. Despite some internal storage, interestingly, Recoverit is also able to recover the data or files from the external ones. If you lost them from your flash disk or hard drive, make sure to connect those storages to your PC first before doing the recovery.

This software also provides you with a bar to browse the specified location. Well, this is in case if the options don’t mention the intended location. Meanwhile, there are also options of “I can’t remember” and “I can’t find my partitions” for you who don’t know exactly where the files are.

Scan the Location

This data recovery for Mac gives you 2 options for scanning. They are “Enable Deep Scan” and “Enable Raw File Recovery“. For the first option, it enables you to find out the complete folder structure. However, the scanning process takes a longer time.

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Meanwhile, the second option may be faster but it also gives you the raw files without the original names along with the supporting folders. Although it seems not really accurate, in some types of file formats like images, this is the best choice. Click Scan button.

Preview the Files

Wait for the disk being scanned, after some minutes; the deleted data are displayed on the window. Sure, you need to check them one by one whether the files are the intended ones or not. You should not worry; the preview feature is available here. Just click the file and then the big version simply appears.

If the file you want has been found, click it to save it. Make sure to provide a specific folder and even the backup first. Then, save the files in the folder. Well, you only need to be careful so that the files will not be lost next time when they are still needed.


Deleting specific files is not a big deal anymore since there is a type of software for data recovery. It helps you to recover data from PC whether it is Windows or Mac and for Seagate recovery. Interestingly, it is possible as well to bring back the data deleted from the external using such software.


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