CryptoCurrency: Top Rated Brokers in 2021

You will need to utilize a crypto-currency or bitcoin broker to buy Bitcoin using a debit card online. Open your Bitcoin account, deposit funds using your preferred broker.

Top cryptocurrency traders

That said, it’s not simple to determine which cryptocurrency broker to log in since there are now hundreds to select. For more accurate and precise information, visit the bitcoin trading.

Characteristics of Broker

With hundreds of Bitcoin brokers operating online currently, it might be hard to know which platform to register. For example, are you seeking bitcoin exchanges accepting e-wallets, or do you pay lower trading fees? In either case, we have mentioned below the most crucial criteria to check for before you choose a bitcoin broker.


Were you aware that the great majority of Bitcoin and crypto-monetary brokers work unregulated? While this should not be a question per case in most situations, we would advise sticking with brokers with a license from a level one authority. All brokers on this website are regulated, so be sure your funds are secure.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Essentially, before you join up, you have to check the broker’s website to discover which cryptocurrencies you may buy and sell.

Methods of Payment

If you want to acquire cryptocurrencies for the first time, we must use a broker supporting fiat money. At least, this generally involves bank transfer support.

Commercial Fees and Committees

Bitcoin brokers make money. Therefore you have to pay a charge when you buy and sell online cryptocurrency. It is a trade commission in the great majority of situations. If, for example, you wish to buy Bitcoin for $500 and a broker fee of 1.5%, you will end up spending $7.50 in commission. Stick to low-cost brokers to decrease trading costs.

Leverage and Short Sales

If you want to utilize leverage for your bitcoin trading, a CFD broker will be required. It implies you will make a profit from Bitcoin if the price drops.

Minimum Deposit and Cancellation Fees

Some cryptocurrency brokers have a minimum deposit amount installed. You also have to confirm if a withdrawal fee is low. It is probably the case if you want to redeem your winnings via debit/credit card.

Best CryptoCurrency Brokers:

1. eToro

Our very qualified Bitcoin broker is eToro. First and foremost, if you buy a cryptocurrency for the first time, the platform is excellent. You will notice that our eToro review is good in the fee category, too. For example, you won’t have to pay trading commissions, so it is only the amount you have to seek. Free deposits can also be in use, although withdrawals are available at a low fee of $5 per transaction. In addition to Bitcoin, eToro supports several other cryptocurrencies.

It includes fiat-to-crypto and crypto-money pairings. Due to its copy trading feature, we also have eToro as our number one bitcoin broker. Above all, eToro is tightly in control. It comprises FCA, ASIC, and CySEC licenses. It makes sure your money is in separate bank accounts.

2. Swissquote Traders

It is willing to pay a premium for a Swiss Bank account. Select Swissquote for their competitive, multi-asset offering. Swissquote’s trading in cryptocurrencies and wallet services are through its e-Trading history.

3. Robinhood

Robinhood is a beautiful choice for the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies. You will also benefit from the famous trading commissions of Robinhood: $0 per trading or commission-free. And if you’re in more than cryptocurrencies for stock and ETF trading, you may remain around for the exact cheap cost. The intelligent software of Robinhood makes trading so easy, even if individuals who are seeking a comprehensive trading experience are dissatisfied.

4. Plus500

If eToro doesn’t really like you, it may be worth investigating Plus500. The UK broker does not allow US traders, so take that into account. Please note, the site only accepts cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs. Thus the underlying coins are not owned. That stated, you could buy and trade Bitcoin inexpensively, fast, and with leverage.

5. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a trustworthy global brand renowned for delivering a wide range of trading platform choices to traders. Our tests showed AvaTrade is excellent for copy trading, competitive for mobile applications, mainly in line with the price and research industry average, and an investor’s education winner.

6. Ameritrade TD

She is one of the leading full-service brokers on the market and not only offers access to traditional goods such as inventories and bonds, but her services have also expanded to cover Bitcoin future. TD Ameritrade, however, does not enable trading in digital money directly. You must satisfy the minimum account to start with Bitcoin futures.

7. 24Option

It is an extra broker worth investigating if you want to trade CFDs. It is because you may use leverage and your selected coin in the short term. In addition, 24Option is regulated by CySEC so that your cash is always safe. Essentially, 24Options offers some of the lowest spatial spreads.

8. Interactive Brokers

It enables you to purchase Bitcoin future rather than directly hold the money. And in this instance, you can buy lots on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, with all-in contracts costing $15,01 each contract with five bitcoins. Interactive Brokers also provides its whole range of investment opportunities so that you may buy virtually anything traded on an exchange.

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