How to Decide if a Home Server is Worth the Investment

There is a lot of discussion brewing over whether or not it is worthwhile to set up a home server considering the amount of money, time, and effort required to get it up and running folks!

Perks of having home server

We’ve happily explained below the four advantages of having a home server, as well as reasons why you might want to think about installing one on your home network. But, there’s so much more you should know!

Perks of Having a Home Server

You might already be aware of some of them, but it wouldn’t hurt to understand more about their perks! Here’s what we want you to know:

The Perfect Option to Store Your Media

Uses of home server

If you take an average family, you’ll discover that their media files, whether they be photos, videos, or music, are scattered all throughout the house.

Some of them will only be left on the desktop of one laptop, while others might be saved on an external hard drive tucked away in the deepest part of a drawer.

When more and more material is uploaded, it becomes ever more challenging to manage it all, which frequently results in irritation when you are unable to locate a certain file that you are looking for.

But, let’s not forget the size of the media as well. Take a movie, for example. Given that high-quality video files can be several gigabytes in size, it’s not surprising that storage devices will fill up quickly.

There’s a good chance you have multiple versions of these documents saved in various places. Because the master copies of your media are stored on your home server, you can safely delete any media that is still stored on any other devices.

In addition to relieving the burden of media management, this will free up much-needed space. Click here for more.

Awesomely enough, the media may be easily accessed by everyone in the household and managed more efficiently by storing it on a home server.

Always On and Available

Many of us when we want to kick back, we turn our PCs or laptops to start a game or a movie. Sounds great, right? But, the annoyance starts when you discover that your beloved gadget needs to run many anti-virus checks, and right when you’re about to press play, you get a message saying that updates are required.

Having to wait when you really want to detox from stress on anything is an annoyance that everyone can relate to. Most of us will lose our patience and give up if it takes too long.

Having a home server means you never have to wait for the lengthy boot and start sequence to complete; your data is ready to go as soon as you need it. This is music to your ears, right? So, contacting a server company should be the number one chore on your list!

A Platform for Security and Home Automation

Did you know that an ideal foundation for a home automation system is a home server? Yes, we’re not messing with you!

What do we mean by that? Well, using a home server for home automation is similar to keeping media files on it; it gives a centralized location from which to manage all of our smart devices, including but not limited to indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and cooling, and watering systems.

Awesomely enough, whether your smart home is controlled by a real remote, an app, or is entirely automated, configuring and managing everything from a central location is the most convenient method.

Taking the Load Off Your PC

Let’s keep using the movie-watching scenario as an example folks. Large video files low-key take up a lot of space and force constant use of your device’s hard drive while playing.

Playing a movie on your PC may slow it down and, depending on its specs, may cause it to crash. Not a great thing if you also need to handle some work on the side, right?

But, don’t sweat it because as an alternative, you can use your home server to handle the video playback, freeing up your primary workstation to handle whatever else you need to get done.

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