How to Make High-Quality Videos and Edit Them Without Hiring a Professional

At present, when we are living in the digital age, the opportunities are immense. As a business, you have a heap of tools and mediums around to use and nurture your brand.

Create professional video without an editor

Consider the power of video content that businesses harness. Today, video is the most consumed content form. It is used not only for entertainment purposes but also for advertisements.

The video advertising sector is expected to touch the $180.40 billion mark in 2022. As a business or an individual, this might be enough to tempt you to use an online video editor to create captivating videos. But how do you create high-quality videos that are at par with professional videos?

The Importance of Creating Quality Videos

More than 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Considering the size of the internet, we can infer how noisy this world is. Every day, we swim through an overflow of information that serves us nothing more than a mere minute of entertainment. In such a cacophonic world, to attract the minds of viewers, you have to serve excellent quality videos.

A viral video can spread a brand name to millions or billions of people; the quality of the viral video will decide how those people will look at your brand. But how do you create a quality video with no experience?

Using an easy video editor at the nascent stage is necessary for these reasons:

  • Quality builds trust; trust leads to loyalty; loyalty leads to customer retention and, thus, business growth.
  • People tend to share videos that have something valuable. This spreads the brand’s name further.
  • The quality of your videos represents the quality of your business.
  • Quality videos that are SEO-optimized rank better in search results.
  • The business sees a higher CTR and conversion rate.

Tips to Make Quality Videos and Edit Them Like Professionals

According to a study, the number of users on YouTube alone is estimated to be 2.1 billion. Apart from YouTube, there are other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Tiktok, etc. But why do people know only a few thousand channels out of the awe-inducing millions of channels? The only reason is the quality of these videos.

All successful YouTube channels have one thing in common: they all make excellent-quality videos.

A quality video works on a few basic dynamics:

  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • Script/Storytelling
  • Narrative Techniques
  • Shooting Accessories
  • Video Editing Software

Here is how to work with these things to create quality videos and edit them like professionals.

1. Working on the Visual Dynamic

Visuals are a prominent part of any video. It is the part that the camera sees (minus sound). When we watch a video, we crave beautiful visuals. But what makes visuals beautiful? There are a few important aspects that help a video be visually mesmerizing:

  • The right use of light
  • Camera angles
  • Geometry and symmetry
  • Colors
  • Camera shake

These aspects depend on the camera and the cameraman. You can correct the slight differences and deviations using a powerful video editor, but the majority of the work should be done correctly using the camera itself.

Today, phone cameras are so powerful that you can easily shoot excellent videos using one. However, you must know the basics of videography.

For example, knowing where the subject should be, camera angles, the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Spiral, light, distance, frame rate, etc., can help you level up your video in no time. These simple things can quickly enhance the quality of your video and upgrade them.

Another thing that you must work on is the camera shake. This can be handled using two different tools: a gimbal and a tripod.

A gimbal is a device that uses motors, sensors, axis, etc., to keep the camera stable. This helps keep the camera shake at bay. Depending on the shooting device you are using (phone or camera), you may choose the type of gimbal.

A tripod can also be used if it is a stable shot. For example, long shots (where subjects stay far), landscapes, dialogues, timelapse, etc., can be shot using a tripod.

2. Working on the Auditory Dynamic

The next thing that makes a video hypnotic and generates ceaseless views is the sound. Sound is thus equally important for the quality of a video. There are a few different types of sounds that a quality video uses:

  • Music
  • Narration or dialogue
  • Sound Bites or sound effects (like chirps, drums, bells, breeze, etc.).

Always use royalty-free sounds to avoid any copyright issues in the future. There are many sites to download royalty-free music and sounds:

  • Youtube Audio Library
  • Pixabay
  • Bensound

When recording your voice, ensure there is no noise around. Noise in the audio can muck up any video in no time. Use mics with noise cancellation. After recording a video, you must process it to remove any unwanted sounds. Some audio and video editors let you eliminate noise from your videos.

Here are the different types of mics you can use for better audio quality:

  • Collar mics – Best for beginners with a limited budget.
  • Condenser mics – Best for recording instruments because of their sensitivity.
  • Dynamic mics – Best for vocals.
  • Ribbon mics – Best for almost anything.

3. Working on Editing the Video

After you are done filming with your camera, you need to work on editing. Editing a video requires skill, learning, and creativity.

Editing a video helps in these things:

  • Helps you create visual storytelling by manipulating and arranging the shots.
  • Improves the video colors.
  • Changes the aspect ratio and makes it compatible with different video-sharing platforms.

As a beginner, you must choose an easy video editor and then climb the ladder upward. Choosing a complex editor at the initial stage can lead to frustration. In the beginning, you only need to work on a few basic things like framerate, video effects, trimming, sound effects, crop, color, etc.

Once you have gained mastery over basic video editing, you can start learning more complex editing that includes masking, layering, blending, visual effects, timestamps, color coding, etc. Advanced video editing is one thing that can make your videos look professional.

Jumping from one software to another can lead to confusion. Each software has some benefits and some drawbacks. We suggest you choose a potent video editor, learn it, and stick to it. This will help you master video editing and create exemplary professional videos.


No matter if you are an individual creator or a company, just creating a video is insufficient. The videos must be edited well to seem competent. Professional videos captivate the audience in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a beautiful visual, a mesmerizing sound, or a powerful voice.

People’s attention span has considerably reduced. Or we can rephrase it and say that people have started to crave quality and valuable content.

When the competition gets tougher, creating content in excess is the first step anyone takes. However, it is not the right step. Rather than creating content in huge quantities, try creating content with excellent quality because all it takes to propel a brand to the top is one exceptional video.

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