5 Best Night Vision Camera Apps For Android

Night vision has always been an interesting task for every one of us which makes us feel like a detective. Switching on your night vision in your smartphone shall always make you feel curious and excited.Best night vision camera apps for android

It is also an excellent gadget for your children to play with. Some folks often mistake thermal imaging for night vision system. It is essential to all folks to understand that they aren’t the same.

The regular thermal imaging system uses the infrared radiations emitted from the object in the form of heat signatures to create a night vision thermal image.

Note that, no light is required for the thermal imaging system to grab the infrared radiations from the object. But, the working of the night vision system is completely different from that of the thermal imager for android.

How Night Vision Works

The night vision system has nothing to do with the heat signatures of the object; they amplify the minimum light falling on them with the help of the image intensifying system in the Android mobile.  

Even light from the moon and the stars are enough to produce a night vision image. Unlike a thermal imaging system, night vision system requires at least a minimum amount of light to create a clear image.

In the meantime, it is to be noted that in total darkness, the night vision system becomes useless. Although most of the people use both the night vision and thermal imaging system in their daily life, they still don’t understand why the screen appears green in colour.

Of course, the photons which are emitted from the objects get incident on the lens in various colours. But, after passing through the lens they get converted to electrons which have no information about the colour. 

Moreover, those electrons get incident on a phosphor coated screen in order to make your eye see the scene in front of you. It is the phosphor screen which makes the visuals appears green in colour. Hope it’s clear.

Today, there are so many android phones which can be evolved to operate in the night vision mode with the help of certain apps. In this article let us discuss the best night vision apps for Android phones which work the best. 

Best Night Vision Camera Apps For Android

1. Night Vision Camera Pro

The night vision camera pro app can make your android phone to be the versatile device through its unique customization. Remember, the resultant image produced by this app looks green in colour and the reason has been explained already.

By installing this app in your mobile, you can wipe out your inability to see in pitch darkness. The working features are also not difficult to handle in this night vision camera pro app.  

The directions and menus are very easy that a new person can also handle the app like the one who has years of experience. It has been already told that a night vision camera needs some light to operate.

In case if you have no possibility to get light, then you can simply switch on the LED light in your mobile to experience the cool images provided by this night vision pro app.  

Additionally, by using this app you can adjust the luminance of the image while you capture a screenshot. Try to keep your device stable without shaking in order to get clean and noise-free images.

The resolution of the images clicked using this night vision pro app is certainly high and also it can be shared through commercial sites and social media like Google, facebook, twitter etc. 

2. Night Vision Camera

Night vision camera app is predominantly used in almost all the android phones of this decade. It is a versatile app which is incorporated with a quite complex algorithm which provides the user with an astonishing result.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors each of which provides nothing short of excellent quality. This night vision camera app operates with the high degree of automation and therefore there is no requirement for the user to respond to the changes in the environment.  

The app itself can adjust the level of exposure, sensitivity, brightness, contrast etc. Sometimes there shall be no adequate ambient light to capture a high-quality picture, and in some other situation, there shall be excess light which hinders the quality of the picture.

In either situation, this night vision camera app can adjust the intensity of the light to a required level at which it can capture flawless images.  

3. Night Capture Video Camera

Unlike any other night vision app, this night capture video camera app can work with intense efficiency even at very low luminosity. The image intensifying algorithm used in this app is very powerful such that it can boost up the quality of the image with superior resolution.

Also, the laser amplification sophisticated algorithm used in this application can bestow you grand pictures free from delays and lags which are most prone to the low-end and mid-end android mobiles installed with various other night vision apps.   

The zooming capacity of this productive app ranges from 1-45x which is a really astonishing feature to its users. Hence, the zooming capacity shall also be increased to a greater level using this app.

Not only that, this night vision camera app can also record videos without any disturbances, noise, and jitter. 

4. Blackberry Night Vision

Blackberry night vision app provides good hi-tech images which are hidden in the dark.  The image brightness can be increased by the adjustments provided in this app which is done by the incorporation of the clever algorithm.

Also, you can add clip arts and texts over the image you have captured using this blackberry night vision app which allows the user to have their own unique customization.  

Additionally, the brightness and the sensitivity of the light in the image capturing environment can be easily adjusted by using the features in this night vision with much ease.

The images captured by this blackberry night vision app are always captured with the maximum resolution of the camera in the Android phone. It is also reinforced by a green filter and the usage of that filter is defined as an option in this night vision app. 

5. Night Vision IP Camera

This is a dominant app which has been used by many folks due to its significant features. They are widely used for home security and to find out thieves hiding out in their home using their incorporated algorithm.

Additionally, this night vision app needs to be installed on two different devices. One device is the monitor which can see the captured videos or images and the other device is the one which records the scene.  

This app works efficiently with the GPS and so you can receive the visuals from anywhere in the world. Apart from regular surveillance, the night vision IP camera app is also used for surveillance of the babies without switching on the light.

When incorporated with the remote video monitoring, instant alarms, etc this app can also serve to be the best app for all the android phones. Installation of this night vision app is also not a difficult task such that you can do it in a few seconds. 

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