Electronic Shelf Labels Software: Here are Crucial Details You Never Knew About

With the advancement of technology, businesses have become competitive. To stand out as a business, you must incorporate a great plan and strategy to ensure your customers are satisfied and your business is running smoothly. One of the best ways to do this is by installing and using electronic shelf labels. These electronic versions of the shelf labels are attached to computers and use the e-ink to display prices.

Electronic shelf label software

Changing the prices is simple and very convenient as you need to type the new prices on your computer and everything changes. Trying to change the prices manually is time-consuming and costly. Additionally, setting incorrect labels and prices of the goods can lead to misunderstanding and customer dissatisfaction. This article will explore crucial details of things you never knew about shelf labeling.

How to Select the Right Electronic Shelf Label Software

With the increased demand of the digital environment, you must ensure the software you use matches your business and needs. It’s important to note that for electronic shelf label software to work well, its infrastructure should be energy-efficient, powerful, reliable, and fast. Additionally, you need to source your ESLs from a reputable company such as SES-imagotag to get customized to meet your business needs. Below are some factors you can consider when selecting an ESL software program.

1. Fulfilling Basic Requirements

Before installing ESL software, you must ensure that it fulfills some basic requirements. Some of the basic requirements the software program might fulfill include conforming to either 868 MHZ or 2,4 GHz when working digital signage and ESLs. You will also need to look for a software program that can offer additional functions, such as user management and graphic user interface reporting tools.

2. Consider Cloud Options

When installing the software program, it’s important to ensure that you have better cloud solutions to enable you to access ESLs Across multiple locations. Cloud computing solutions providers and retailers with operating systems, data storage applications, and other platforms based on the internet.

What are The Advantages of Using ESL

There are many ways the retail sector is benefiting from the use of electronic shelf labels. Some of these advantages include

1. Saves Time

The prices of items keep changing with the inflations in the market. If a product price drops or rises in the stock market, you need to be aware of and adjust your prices according. However, doing this manually can take a lot of time, so by the time you are done labeling and changing the price tags, a new price has come. If customers realize that you have adjusted your prices, they will avoid shopping from your retail. However, using the electronic shelf labels, you need to click the buttons on your computer and key in the right information; everything will be changed.

2. Help In Product Traceability

To increase and enhance customer satisfaction, you must have product traceability. This is made easy by ESLs, which help you display the essential and right information about a product. Some of the crucial components available in price traceability include the expiry dates, origin of the product, rental rates, and information regarding the weight and size of the product. This helps customers make decisions faster since they will have the right information.

Bottom Line:

It’s important to identify the problems you are facing in your business that you need the ESL to help address. This makes the program more efficient and very productive.

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