How To Host Your Blogger Blog On Google Drive

Hello, we all know that we can’t make our blogger’s CSS and javascript codes in a separate file.Usually blogger stores javascript and CSS of your blog embedded within single HTML file using HTML tag “script” as shown below

Creating the file

Now the first step to do is Go to Blogger, sign in into your account > click on template > edit HTML

Tip: Backup your current template before editing.

Next, find the below tag using ctrl+f


Then remove the copied code from your template.
Now open Notepad > New file and paste all the code which you copied before and save the file with .CSS extension

Eg: demo.css

Uploading your file to Google Drive

    1. First, Go to Google drive and sign in into your account
    2. When you successfully signed in, click on Create > Folder > New > Name your folder with your blog name.
    3. Now upload your .css extension file into that folder>>make the file as public and click on save.
    4. Next, go to your uploaded file and click on share button which is present at the bottom right corner.
    5. You will then enter into share panel, copy the link just below ‘link to share‘.
    6. The link will look like
    1. In the above link, ‘file_code’ is a unique code for your file and it cannot be changed by anyway.
    2. Now, change the above URL to link which is shown below



Placing the link into your template

To insert the file link into your template, you must make use &ltlink&gt tag, which will be

Next, copy this above tag

Paste it between

 &ltb:skin&gt![CDATA[Your code goes here]CDATA]!&lt/b:skin&gt

Now save the template, you are successfully done.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment

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    1. It will work for sure.I tried it before posting.Use <link href="URL" rel="stylesheet"> between <b:skin>![CDATA[ & ]CDATA]!</b:skin>

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