How To Install LinkWithIn In Your Blog

Hello everyone, this is a new post after a long gap.In this article, e are going to discuss LinkWithIn widget.This LinkWithIn widget will show related posts after each post in your blog

What is the use of LinkWithIn?

There are many related post widgets available on the web but I recommend you LinkWithIn widget.This widget is free and easy install for various platforms.This widget will grab all of your archives and show the related posts.

Features of LinkWithIn

  1. It is free.
  2. Easy installation
  3. Does not effect blog load time.
  4. Compatible with various platforms.
  5. Shows related posts after each post.

Installation procedure

  1. First, go to LinkWithIn site.
  2. When you entered the site you will see a form.In that enter your email address, blog address, choose platform and number of posts to show
  3. Next click on Get widgetbutton.
  4. Now you will be redirected to the Blogger page, login to your account.
  5. Next you will enter into a page asking your permission to install the widget, just click on ‘Add this widget’.
  6. Now drag this LinkWithIn widget below your blog post widget and click on ‘Save arrangement’.
  7. Now you are successfully installed LinkWithIn.

If you have any problems in installation feel free to comment.Your feedback is always welcome.

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