How to Prevent Cyber-bullying?

What is Cyber-Bullying? The cause behind more teenage death than influenza and cancer combined. It is a plague that is threatening the living structure of a society, a plague no one is safe from. And, how can you get rid of this plague? Well, there is no hard and fast way to get rid of Cyber-bullying altogether. It is a bit like crime, you can prevent it, but you cannot put an end to it all completely.

Stop or Prevent Cyber Bullying

Besides, there are countless blogs and articles out there that can tell you perfectly well the casualties of Cyber-bullying, the causes behind it as well the signs a child exhibits when he or she is being llied. The only thing no website is ever able to tell you is how to keep cyber-bullying from ever occurring. Nobody dwells on how to nip this monster in the bud. Thus, following are a few ways using which ou can educate children on what Cyber-bullying really is and how negatively it affects them and their peers.

1.  Teach them to be Kind

One thing that any parent can do if they want to succeed at what they are supposed to do is, teach their children to be kind. We need more kind and well rounded individuals in the world who want to make this world a better place. They say that charity begins at home, they also say that parents are responsible for putting out responsible and sensible adults out in the world, thus if parents teach their children to be respectful and kind to others, to never be mean and hurt other’s feelings, the chance of such children turning into bullies and then cyber-bullies reduces exponentially.

2. Owning up to their Mistakes

We are just human, and being human means prone to making humongous mistakes that we regret forever, we all know that. Yet, most of us adults are scared of stepping off of the pedestal of perfection we place ourselves and own up to our mistakes, then how our children can learn its value. Teaching children to own up to their mistakes is part of being a good parent. This way we can tell them that even thought they made a mistake and hurt someone, they can always apologize and make it all better.

3. Healing

Healing, comes right after owning up to your mistakes. Remember that girl you teased in middle school for wearing her hair in pigtails, when according to you she would have looked better with her hair down? Do you remember the regret you feel when you think that you never apologized to her before her family moved away? Save you child from such an experience by asking him or her to apologize to the person he/she had been mean to. Not only will both children heal from such an experience, they’d even remember each other fondly for the rest of their lives, making this memory the one they can draw strength from.

4. Turn the Other Cheek

Some nasty boy called your child fat? No problem. Teach them to turn the other cheek and never dwell on such facts. Teach them to be the bigger person and forgive the one who tormented them. Teach them that it is hard, but dwelling on it is not going to do them any good. Additionally, also tellthem to take lesson from this experience and owe to never make someone as bad as they feel right now. Teach them to be kind even when the world is not kind to them. Teach them that no matter what, their kindness and their positivity will be rewarded.

5. Sharing

Anyone can testify to the fact that having someone who listens to you. To whom, you feel like, you can tell anything and no matter how bad your day was, telling them about it makes it all better. Therefore, try to be that someone you children can rely on, can open up to. Take a minute before they go to bed and talk to them, ask them about their day and have them open up to you. If your child feel comfortable enough to tell you about how he or she is being bullied at school, chances are that you child will be able to overcome the things that follow bullying easily such as depression, compared to child who keeps it all in.

6. Monitor Them

Now this one might sound extreme to a ration adult, but to a parent, it is the perfect way to protect a child from the harmful effects of cyber-bullying. All other ways to teach your child how to be the best version of themselves are important in their own way, but monitoring them using spy applications work like a fail safe in case your child is too shy or scared of what you might think of him or her if he/she tells you that he/she is being bullied. Thus, make use of reliable spy software of keep track of them and their activities online, on the hour, every hour.

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