8 Luxurious Brands That Let You Shop For A Cause


So what do people check when they choose clothes from their favourite brands? The common answer would be the latest trends, the colours, the cut, and the sizes. But, fashion has never been about being self-absorbed.

In fact, it has always been one of the strongest ways to raise a voice and the brands at present have been at the forefront of raising awareness about world issues. With so many concerns plaguing the world, right from human trafficking and molestations to global warming and animal cruelty, it is definitely time to go beyond just the look of the clothes and see the big picture.

At present, both the major names, like Being Human online, and upcoming brands globally have been creating awareness by letting you look beyond the trends when shopping and rather putting the focus on shopping for a cause.

Let us look at the top eight luxurious brands that come to the forefront of creating fashion for a cause.

Luxurious Brands That Let You Shop For A Cause

1Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is held as the founder of the luxury movement and the brand has remained committed to the creation of ethical fashion ever since it came into the market. The products are made of sustainable fabrics like polyester, recycled nylon, and organic cotton.

The brand makes it a point to keep the clothes free from the use of animal fur or skin. It has recently started an initiative for challenging the students to create an eco-friendly textile to use in place of wool.


2Von Holzhausen

The brand started its journey with both animal-free and animal-based products but was quick to make the switch in the name of ethics and sustainability. Vicki Von Holzhausen announced that the brand would only be investing in vegan leather from now on.

She admitted that with the buyers becoming more environmentally and socially conscious, leather can no longer be considered a luxurious raw material.

3The Parative Project

The Parative Project is a brand based in Ohio and it specializes in making tee shirts that aim to start a conversation. The brand has a collection of ‘every eight minutes’ tee shirts that are referring to the children who are abducted in South East Asia for trafficking, every eight minutes.

A portion of the proceeds from these shirts goes to the organizations that work to stop human trafficking.

4Ninety Percent

The name of the brand is synonymous with the cause that they support. When you buy products from Ninety Percent, 90% of what you pay will go to the charity of your choice.

All you need to do is log on the website of the brand and from the ‘vote’ tab choose the charity that is close to your heart. The goal of the brand, Ninety Percent, is to provide minimalist fashion with social mindfulness.



H&M has been one of the pioneers in the world of green fashion and for good reason. The brand is all set to launch the latest edition of its Conscious line, which uses cent percent recycled silver and nylon fabric to make high-end clothes. It has also been at the forefront of supporting the fair wages movement. The brand changed its logo to green from red to show its solidarity with the sustainability movement in the fashion world.

6Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat are credited to have understood the importance of sustainable fashion long before many of the mainstream brands. Since its inception in 1995, the brand has remained committed to using animal alternative fabrics in the bags and shoes. It even uses recycled nylons, plastic, and cork in the men and women accessories that it produces


Amara is a luxury swimwear brand that is based in Tulum and it believes in the creation of ethical and sustainable products. The Italian fabrics that it uses are made in a green energy facility with an aim to reduce water usage and carbon footprint. It also wants to bring a better standard of living for the Mexican communities as all of the products are manufactured in Tulum to promote a fair wage system along with increased cultural exchange.

8Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily have come upon the forefront of the fashion world with not just its luxury offering but also its humanitarian initiatives. The aim of the brand is to provide employment to the economically and socially derived women from countries like Peru, Kenya, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Pakistan. The clothing and jewellery are made by hand in keeping with the fair trade guidelines. The idea is to break the cycle of poverty faced by the women and their families.

Have you shopped from these brands yet? If you have not, then now is the time for you to shop and add your contribution to the greater good of the world.


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