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MyUKmailbox has received a lot of attention owing to the quality of services it provides. It is known to be one of the best mail forwarding services of all times. Mail forwarding by itself is not a very common service. However, myUKmailbox has taken it to another level. There are 3 steps that constitute this process.

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First, the product that you have ordered is collected from the sender and then re-shipped to the final location. It cuts down your shipping costs to a large extent and works pretty well especially for international orders.

Steps involved in the process

Steps involved

We all have a thing for UK stores, don’t we? Let’s face it. What brings us down is the final cost that keeps adding on. myUKmailbox helps you overcome this trouble by cutting down the costs. The forwarding process mediates your shipment. Before ordering, you need to sign up in the website for your own account after which you will receive your own unique suite number in the UK warehouse that’s controlled by the company. After this, you can track the order and follow up. Once this is done, you’ll receive an email with high definition pictures of the products that were received in the warehouse. You can order from multiple stores like Amazon, Asos, eBay etc and every single item is consolidated into a single package to reduce the cost. Now, you will be able to track your shipment to find where it is currently. You will simply have to enter your username and password.

myUKmailbox is appreciated for the extra effort it takes in packaging and labeling. Labels, address bills, invoice and airway bills are attached with every shipment and the scanned copies of these documents are also emailed to you. This tremendous effort contributes to smooth processing of your shipment. Even the customs authorities are properly instructed to take special care of the products that they receive and also take up responsibility for damage if any. All these features put together to form an international parcel forwarding service, cost you a minimum of just £18.80. Moreover, you receive an additional discount of 10% if you recommend the service to a friend.

Plans and pricing


  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Premium

The starter plan works wonders for one-time usage and for people who would like to place an order for a single product instead of multiple products. The standard plan which is termed to the best among the three is perfect for casual shoppers and people who buy numerous products from various stores. The Premium Plan would sound amazing to frequent shoppers or business customers.

Features of MyUKmailbox

  • Parcel forwarding: myUKmailbox assists its customers to choose their favorite products from online stores located in both UK and other international cities at nominal rates.
  • Personal UK street address: Once you’ve subscribed for the service, you get your own unique UK street address and a suite number to go with it (warehouse) that lets you receive shipments through multiple services such as Royal Mail, DHL and so on.
  • Photo service and online mailbox
    management: Photo service is an extraordinary feature that is part and parcel of myUKmailbox. High-quality pictures of the items are snapped, once they are collected at the UK warehouse. After that, these pictures are sent to you by email. To accompany these snaps, various important documents are also scanned and emailed to you.
  • Address book: This service can only be availed by premium members. The members can have multiple addresses and can use each of them for different purposes like sending a gift to someone held close to the heart. They can make use of multiple billing addresses that could be used to gift kith and kin.
  • BuyForMe service: This service is a superhero minus the cape, to those people whose billing locations are not accepted by the stores from which they’re ordering products. In such situations, myUKmailbox takes up the entire burden right from receiving the products and reshipping them.
  • Services such as supermarket shopping, free storage, and tracking are also covered by myUKmailbox.
  • Insurance: The shipment can be easily insured at pretty cheap rates if requested. This is open for both standard and premium members.
  • Oversized item service: This service provides air service and shipment service to cover even unusually large or oversized products. This proves to be of great help to many people.
  • Moreover, additional business and import services are also taken up to deliver goods bought from outside of UK. This is yet again forwarded to the final user. This feature garners a lot of attention as goods can be ordered in bulk and for cheap.

Other than this, you must go check out myUKmailbox’s blog service whose content would guide you what to buy and what not to. It also contains information related to latest trends.Have a great shopping!

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