Newbie Agency’s Guide to Client Acquisition


Being a newbie is never easy. It gets even tougher if you choose corporate and businesses as your livelihood. With such level of competition, market saturation level at its peak, trust me; getting yourself business is way more difficult than you think. Do you know, the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) has increased by over 50% in the past five years?Newbie guide to client acquisition

Word of mouth, good old referrals, promises, and other orthodox techniques are proven crafts for client acquisition. But let’s face it, today’s era is different and way more advanced from the one in which your fathers were working.

It requires new skill sets, new technology and of course new tricks of the trade to secure clients for the long term. You simply cannot rely on vintage old ideas. So here’s our master guide to assist you rope clients (especially for the newbies):

Don’t Just Make Promises, Make ‘Value Promises’

As said, if you can win your client’s trust, money would soon follow! But earning trust is not so easy, and we all know that. So how will you do it? You cannot just keep boasting about your company and its heritage, instead, you need to be precise with what you can offer, and how you can make a difference to their organization.

Don’t beat around the bushes, remember every minute of your meeting is worth gold and diamonds – so talk upright with valid pieces of evidence that prove your worth in the play. And of course later, give them all the results that you earlier promised.

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Be Persistent, Not Irritating

Get into the habit of hearing ‘No’ if you have chosen corporate as your livelihood – nothing, just nothing comes easy here. In fact, every big player in the market has probably heard a million ‘No’s’ before they stood up to, where they are today.

It’s not a big deal, so don’t lose your heart, keep trying, because you certainly didn’t begin to just stumble and fall. Believe in yourself and visit the next client with the learnings from the previous one. But remember, there is a thin line between being persistent and being irritating, be wise with it.

It Is Always About The Client

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about him – your client, your bread and butter. It’s said and believed that if you just think about your own profits, you will lose the client, but if you think about your client’s profit, you will never lose him.

The best approach to follow this golden rule is to consider your client as an integral part of your own circle and not just a third party.

You Need To Stand Out

With such huge competition and a high level of market saturation, you need to be different. If you are completely similar to your competition, chances are you will be lost in the crowd. To stand apart, you need to offer something to your clients that your competitors can’t even think of.

So study your industry and competitors, and craft your strategies so well that not only the clients but your competitors are blown away with the creativity. In simple words, if they (your competition) go zig, you go zag. If they go push, you go pull.

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Outsource Client Acquisition To Expert Companies

You see, in the present era, things are quite different than before. There are new advancements, new technology, new tools, and so many other things – and why would you not want to take advantage of them? One such thing is outsourcing.

We all know what outsourcing is but how would it benefit your business? See, in a business, there are many more aspects which are crucial that stand-alone client acquisition. After all, you can’t just keep bagging clients, you need to also deliver work efficiently.

This is when outsourcing works wonders – there are many client acquisitions companies in the business like who has a proven track record of stimulating quality leads for their customers, which in turn helps you get rid of the major task of reaching out to clients. Definitely a win-win from all the aspects.


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