How to Play the Grand Theft Auto 5 (Story Mode)


There are many ways to entertain ourselves, such as games, films and more. That stuff makes ourselves keep chilling and keeping our mind fresh. Well, games are the ways to entertain us must. Many people oppose games; they say it has a terrible impact on memory, society and create an adverse effect on responsibility.Play gta 5 in story mode

People say gamers forgot whatever goes around and everything. But there are much research says that games make the human mind more capable of creativity and thinkable. You can GTA 5 apk download from any trusted third party or their official site.

If you love action games, then you might have played GTA 5, or maybe you are a hardcore lover of it. Yes, we are also hardcore GTA 5 lover. Indeed we like the Story Mode of the GTA 5 very much. The adventure of Los Santos with three amazing characters Franklin, Trevor, and Michael makes it more epic and amazing. Some people are amazing with this game, and some are not. Well, many of you might not know how to play this game like a pro! Right?

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Play the Grand Theft Auto 5 in Story Mode

Let’s scoops more towards the depth and know-how can you play this game masterfully. Some factors that can improve your game.

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Go Through The Tutorial

Many players make a mistake and skip the tutorial part from the beginning of the game. Well, you do not do this. Because if you are new to any game, you must know the controls and all the required setting. So never skip the tutorial and watch the tutorials to understand the parameters and restrictions.

Switching Character

If you ask us about the GTA 5 best feature, then we are pretty much sure that this one is the best features. In GTA 5, there are three characters Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. The best thing is you can change the style anytime between the game. Isn’t it cool?

Familiarise The Map

Los Santos is a vast map and more significant than the previous GTA. To complete a mission, you need to cope with time and to cope with the time you need to understand the ways. There you need to understand and memorize the map. You can take notes, or you can pin them routes for better understanding.

Learn From The 1st Mission and Spend Wisely.

Your first mission will be with Franklin, some tutorial stuff, and after that, you are ready to take tasks. You get more cash after you played more mission. Most of your job will be required shooting, that’s where you need to upgrade your weapons for best use. You should also spend on improving cars, better to spend wisely.

Play Side Mission, End the Primary Purpose.

There are not only the primary mission, but you also can play side missions. But your primary focus should be the primary mission. Play well in the final mission. And complete it.

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If you completed the primary mission, you also could roam around the city freely. This game will change your perception of action games. And your skills will be improved a lot. That’s all folks.


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