Smart Game Booster: Get the Most Out of Your Games


Gaming on PC is still the most obvious choice for hardcore gamers because of the flexibility and cost to value ratio. Gaming consoles are getting better but they just can’t match frame rates which you get on a good gaming PC any day.Smart game booster review

As gaming is becoming popular, games are getting more graphic intensive and memory hungry both on PC and consoles.

This makes the need for having better latest processors and graphic cards which makes your setup pretty expensive.

So, is there any option to make your gaming experience better without the need to upgrade your gaming PC?

Hopefully, we have some software that just does that and provides a better overall gaming experience.

I’m talking about Smart Game Booster, which is free and does a great job of boosting the performance of your games.

What is Smart Game Booster?

As the name suggests, Smart Game Booster will boost the performance of your games by freeing up your computer resources to make room for the game you are playing. So, you will get much higher frame rates and smoother gaming experience with a single click.

The best thing is it’s free and works like a charm. Not only that, you have a lot of other features such as driver updater, disk defrag, etc.

How Smart Game Booster Works?

As I already said that Smart Game Booster will free your computer resources to boost gaming performance. But, it does more than that. It will free your RAM, CPU and stop some unnecessary processes and services that are taking huge resources on your PC.

This might seem pretty small things but they all stopped together will make a significant difference in your gaming performance.

We tested this and it cleared almost 500MB RAM which is almost 20% of RAM got freed and reduced CPU usage by half.

Here is the screenshot before clicking on the Boost option in Smart Game Booster Booster.Before using boost in smart game booster

And, this is after clicking on Boost in Smart Game Booster

After using boost in smart game booster

That is a significant amount of resources freed and that is just with a single click.

Features of Smart Game Booster

1. One-click Game Booster

This is the main feature of this software of all. As the name indicates, it will boost the game performance with one-click. Yes, it does optimize game performance in a single click. It will free RAM and CPU, stops unnecessary processes and services which are running in the background, freezes startup software and even handles windows security. All this done with a one-click and it works.

2. Game Launch

Game launch helps you to add all your games in one place from your PC or any online distributors such as Stream, Unplug, etc. This also ensures that the games added in the game launch will have better performance and FPS. So, it is a great feature to have to organize and boost your games in one place.

3. Temperature Monitor

Gaming makes your PC take heavy resources which makes your CPU, GPU exhibit more heat than usual. So, Smart Game Booster will let you see the temperature of your CPU, GPU, Hard Disk, Motherboard and Cooling Fan in realtime. This is very helpful metrics to know for gamers even when you have a liquid-cooling solution.

4. Driver Updater

Most gamers probably have all important drivers to play games but some games require additional drives or needs updates. Smart Game Booster comes with a built-in driver updater which will let you install and update all the drivers necessary for gaming. It is really important to have your drivers updated to improve gaming performance and follow new gaming standards.

5. Disk Defrag

Disk Defrag will help improve your hard disk performance and response time by organizing your data serially. Your data on harddisk will be scattered to various parts of the disk as you use it. So, when that happens, your harddisk will take extra time and effort to retrieve data which makes your PC feel sluggish. So, disk defrag will analyze and arrange data to improve the overall response time and lifetime of your hard drive.

Final Verdict

Smart Game Booster is a free and perfect solution for gamers who really care about gaming performance. It significantly improves gaming performance and FPS with a single click. You can download Smart Game Booster here.


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