How to Optimize Your Computer for Gaming

Most PC gamers run into issues where their computer setup cannot keep up with the demands of the game. Gamers run into this problem even with newer rigs. Game engines improve every day, but the performance of our GPUs may not necessarily keep up.optimise your PC for gaming

As frustrating as a legging computer can be for gaming, it’s not impossible to speed up the performance of your computer and give it a much-needed efficiency boost.

No, you don’t have to buy a new computer. Here are several excellent tips and tricks for optimizing your PC to play any video game of your choosing:

Optimize Your Computer For Gaming

Switch to an Intel Core i7 Processor

Does your computer run on an AMD or an older Intel chip? If you want the best experience in gaming, then you would need the best processor for the job. Right now, no other processor can match the performance of the Intel Core i7 when it comes to gaming.

You can rely on AMD for affordability, but even its Ryzen line falls behind the Core i7. Therefore, consider upgrading your processor to a Core i7.

Think hard about whether it’s more affordable for you to buy a new PC with a Core i7 processor than to upgrade the existing system. If your computer is equipped mostly with older hardware, then it might be better to look for affordable PCs with Core i7 chips inside.

Do keep in mind that upgrading the processor is a complex task. First, the newer processor should be able to support all the other hardware in your PC. Secondly, understand that a processor alone cannot improve performance. You would need to look at other aspects like memory and storage as well. Read below for more features you need to look out for.

Upgrade the RAM

The more RAM your computer has, the faster it will run the latest graphics intensive games. There are two ways you can go about adding more RAM to your system. You can increase the RAM capacity of the computer itself. Or you can purchase a new GPU that comes with its own dedicated VRAM.

Dedicated VRAM takes the workload off the main RAM of the computer. However, your computer can overall perform better with higher capacities of RAM. Aim to upgrade to 16 to 32 GB of RAM for your computer. For VRAM, up to 4GB per GPU is an excellent bargain (though most affordable options are available for only 2GB of RAM).

Get an SSD

SSDs are tested to run faster than HDDs. Therefore, SSDs are uniquely suited as storage options for gaming computers over HDDs. Aim to buy an SSD with at least 250GB of internal storage and make up for the rest with an external HDD.

Having an SSD is one of the best ways to increase the FPS rate of your computer. It will also help eliminate annoying lag issues too.

Clean Up Your Storage Drives

Hardware improvements are not all you need to improve to make your computer ideal for gaming. Some of the improvements should be done internally on the software end. Start by cleaning up the disk drives of your PC. Remove unwanted files and defragment the disks.

Then, upgrade all the software you use. Don’t keep programs you don’t want in the background. Before starting a game, close all background programs that consume processing power.

Use the above tips to boost the performance of your computer without buying a new one. With these optimizations, your gaming experience would be better than ever.

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