5 Ways In Which Indian Education Board Can Help Students With Competitive Exams


In simple explanation of the term ‘competitive exam,’ it is a procedure to select deserving applicants for their desired course.indian education system can help students with competative exams

This is an age-old method, and it is prevalent still today. With millions of aspirants who are trying to get a secured position in their desired sector, the level of competitive exam is also increasing day by day.

In a fast-growing country like India, the level of competition is never complimented and instead students are said that they have to go through such competitions in order to get a firm position in the professional field.

Among the commonly known entrance exams are IIT-JEE, Civil Service, Gate, and others for which students have to invest long studying hours and hardship. If they wish to crack the exam in the very first attempt, then they have to try their best. But have you ever thought about the fact that instead of starting to prepare for the exams a year or two before appearing for it, why not start it a bit early?

What if the schools and the Indian education system take a similar initiative to introduce the pattern and the techniques that are common to follow in most of the competitive exams?

Do you think that the education board should implement some of the methods in the education board that would help the students to know about the rules start from the school level? With a small passing percentage for this competitive exam, the tactics and the positive aspects of the exams should be known from the school level itself.

1. Knowing About The Exam Pattern

The Indian education board should try to replace the tradition exam pattern when student are asked to attempt only subjective type question writing long answers for the questions. In case of competitive exams such as GATE exam, IIT-JEE, AIMS and other exams, the question pattern is objective where students have to tick off the right answer from the four alternatives mentioned.

This pattern should be introduced by the Indian education board such that the students are accustomed to the pattern from the school level itself. It would also help them to enhance their skill to choose the right answer and have knowledge about the time management which plays a pivotal role is all entrance exams.

Apart from the syllabus pattern, the marking pattern should also be changed. Instead, the Indian education board should try to introduce the section wise marking system, and it would help students to score high grades.

This would also encourage them to study each section in one particular subject minutely such that they are able to score high. Also, the negative marking method should be introduced in the school education system.

2. Maintaining Proper Time

The new pattern should be introduced by the Indian education board such that the students are accustomed to the pattern from the school level itself. It would also help them to enhance their skill to choose the right answer and have knowledge about the time management which plays a pivotal role is all entrance exams.

By introducing this new pattern of questions, there would also need to implement certain changes in the pattern of the marks. By answering objective questions, the students would be able to secure more marks.

Framing the syllabus and the marks pattern similar to that of competitive exams would help the students to gain confidence while they appear for the actual competitive examination. The school exams should be bound by time, and it would help to enhance the confidence and accuracy level of the students.

3. Introducing Technology-based Study Materials

With the introduction of technology, most of the students appearing for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, Gate, IAS and others prefer to take reference from the internet for study materials.

There are varieties of options available on the internet, and the students are also able to compare and prepare better for the examinations. Such should be the pattern of references when studying for school-based examinations. This would definitely help the students to develop skills to evaluate between the appropriate content required for any topics.

Other than this, the students should be encouraged to attempt online test series such that they can try out to test their evaluation level with the help of technology. They can practice similar tests before appearing for the competitive exam as well.

Though it is a bad idea to introduce these gadgets to the children at the school level, considering its positive impacts, they prove to be helpful. Having a good source of study material would also make the preparation effective and easier. So, the replacement of the books with online available study material would actually help students to adopt the same method in their future as well.

4. Deal With Exam Pressure

Whether it is school level examination or any completive exam such as Gate, IAS, banking sector exam and others, one of the key factors for success is being able to eliminate fear and stress. It is often heard that students tend to visit counsellors to handle exam stress and fear.

Pertaining to this, counselling classes are introduced to the coaching class in which you have enrolled for your competitive exam. Such counselling classes should be introduced in the Indian education board as well as all the schools. It would help to evaluate the mental status of candidates just before the exam. In addition, it would also help to ensure that the student is able to overcome the stress and the exam fear.

5. Interactive Classes

In case of coaching classes that cater to students appearing for competitive exams, interactive classes take place in which debate and detailed discussion take place between the mentors and the candidates.

Similar classes should also be introduced in the school curriculum, such that students develop the tendency to take part in quizzes and debate from a young age. This way, it would also help students to grow a good skill in facing any interview in the future.

So, in case the Indian education board can successfully implement all these methods, then it would be convenient for the students to know about the necessary tactics of cracking competitive exams long before in the school level itself.


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