10 Tips To Consider Before Buying A Domain Name


One of the first and crucial decisions, when you’re establishing an online presence, is selecting a domain name. The right domain name is essential for search engines and your target audience. Choose a name that makes business sense. Here are 10 tips that can assist you in preparing a domain name purchase.Tips for choosing a domain name

10 Simple Tips To Keep in Mind Before Buying a Domain Name

1. Do Some Research

Find similar websites and check out the domain names of your competitors on a site like Compete.com. Look for available domain names by domain name or keyword using a domain name online search tool.

2. Select A Domain That Is Easy To Type And Memorable

Despite planning on optimizing the website for search engines, it is still necessary to pick a name that is memorable and easy to type. Don’t use multiple hyphens, complicated spelling, odd characters or numbers, etc. Don’t use words with spelling that can be potentially misspelled or that are confusing. While it is recommended to have a short name, don’t choose one that is cryptic and hard to remember.

3. No Slang Terms

Try to steer clear from slang and choose a meaningful name instead. This will make a name memorable and easily remembered.

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4. Choose .com Extension if Possible

Most people presume that a domain name ends with .com, therefore when purchasing a domain name with other extensions (.info, .net, .org, etc.); you will have additional work in getting people to remember a site name with an extension. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy a name with an extension since they can still do well. You can look at Hosting Foundry’s research in web hosts to help you decide on web hosting.

5. Avoid Buying Trademarked Domains

Purchasing trademarked terms as a domain name can land you in hot water with a complaint filed against you, and it can confuse people. You may also face legal obstacles if you buy trademarked terms in a domain name. Ensure that no one else owns a trademark on the name you are thinking of choosing.

6. Avoid Buying A Domain Name That Is Resembling That of an Existing Site

Even if a term is not trademarked, avoid buying domains that are variations of other domain names. Instead, consider purchasing variations yourself and set them up in such a way that if a user types one of the variations, they are redirected to your main page.

7. Hyphens Are Tricky

Using hyphens when separating words in your domain name, makes it easier to read and to find on search engines. However, users may forget to add the hyphens when they search domain names. If you’re using hyphens, avoid using more than three since it can get too tricky.

8. Don’t Use Numbers

People get confused when a digit is added instead of a word. If you want to add a number to the domain name since it’s in your company name, purchase both versions (word and digit) and ensure you redirect the one to the other.

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9. Check Availability On Social Media Platforms

When you chose a name, check if the phrase is not yet available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can use a tool to check username availability on social media platforms. Even if you’re not using social media in the beginning, you want a selection when you are ready, and it’s less complicated when you can use the same phrase on every site.


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