Using a Virtual Number for Registration

A virtual phone number allows you to register with any web service while remaining anonymous. offers temporary numbers for receiving SMS.

Using a virtual number for registration

During registration in various web services, the user has to fill out a questionnaire and, among other personal data, indicate a phone number. This is done for the further possibility of SMS authentication, but more often it is a marketing move that gives the site the right to send advertising offers, so many users feel free to use SMS virtual number for registration.

Another reason for the popularity of taking an online free number instead of specifying a personal phone number is the need to create a second page on the same resource where the user already has a main account. If you register for the same number that was indicated earlier, the web service may consider this as a multi-account, or even link the pages to each other.

For example, this can be clearly seen on Instagram: there you can create several profiles with the same number, but in this scenario, if someone blocks a certain user, then he has the opportunity to block all other pages that are already linked or may be tied to a specific phone number.

That is why a temp SMS number is a real opportunity to create a second user page, and separate, for example, work and personal goals, or simply remain anonymous and thereby take care of personal safety. Situations may be different, but a solution using a virtual number is almost always justified.

Where can I Register with a Virtual Number?

Users of the SMS online receive service have access to registration on dozens of different platforms, and this list is practically unlimited. The only obstacle may be the complicated process of account verification on foreign platforms. And then, usually, such problems are one-time, technical, and are resolved quickly enough.

A virtual phone number for receiving SMS confirmation is suitable for:

  • Registration of any new email address;
  • Creating a new account on social networks, for example, VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook;
  • Entry to free classifieds boards, for example, Avito, Yula, etc .;
  • Access to services that offer a free demo mode for new members;
  • Registration on forums where it is important to remain anonymous for security reasons.

So, temp number SMS can be used almost everywhere, on any resource where a new participant is required to confirm by phone number.

How it works?

You register with a service that provides virtual numbers, for example, Here you choose a suitable tariff, which depends on the duration of using the virtual number, the possibility of extending the service, and other possibilities.

In the simplest tariff, the client receives a number for use for a period from 10 minutes to an hour. All confirmation codes that come to the selected virtual number are automatically displayed in your personal account, and they can be easily copied into the fields that you need to fill in when registering on other services.

More complex tariffs allow you to receive any number of SMS for a period of up to 180 days with the possibility of extending the service for a longer period. In this case, the virtual number can be used at several sites, receiving all important notifications on time.

Benefits of using a temporary number during registration

User anonymity and security come first when you use an SMS virtual number. In addition, you get rid of annoying mailings, neutralize the risk of blocking multi-account, open access to those services, access to which for various reasons is limited in your country. In addition, using a virtual phone number is comfortable and not expensive.

Potential risks

The biggest fear of those who have never used virtual numbers to register on various resources is the possibility of hacking. Therefore, the service generates only one number for one user, and after the end of the application period, it does not issue the same number to other clients. Thus, it is possible to avoid potential data leaks, disclosure of personal information, and other risks.

Terms of use for the virtual number service offers convenient rates that you can choose depending on your personal goals and needs. The service also assumes the possibility of free testing of service. Paid options open up various useful features:

  • Selecting a specific city code;
  • Call forwarding to other mobile or landline numbers;
  • Creation of SMS mailings according to the database prepared in advance by the user;
  • Recording and listening to voice messages, etc.

The most important requirement for the smooth operation of the service and the timely receipt of all SMS that come to the virtual number is a stable Internet connection.

Order a virtual number to enjoy an affordable and secure alternative to a physical SIM card. will take care of the rest.

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