6 Key Elements of Using Social Media for Customer Service

For enhancing any business, one needs the best customer service department because most of the business depends on the customer care service. If a person has any kind of problem regarding with the services or products offered by the company, then for that he or she will contact the customer service department because they know that their problem will be solved by them very easily.

role of social media for customer support

If the customer service executives behave properly and professionally with the customers, then customers will be happier.

Why One Need Customer Care?

For example, if you buy some product online, and after sometime, you are facing some problem with it or you are not able to use it then what will you do? Hence, in this condition, we need a customer care assistance. For that, we either contact the customer care or reach the customer care department in their office.

In both manners, one can contact the professionals who are available to help their customers. They listen to the problem and give the correct solution to the customer or if the issue is big, then they ask for a few days and in that time, they resolve the issue.

What are the Key Elements of Using Social Media for Customer Service?

There are a few key elements that one has to use in their online business. If you are using social media for the customer service, then you must ensure that you are using it in a right way or not. So here are the 6 key elements that you must employ in your efforts:

Monitor the Customer Service on Social Media

If you are a company, who have a presence on social media as well as using social media platform for offering the customer service to the customers. Then it would be great for the customer care department to monitor the customer service activity on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., to monitor the customer service activity, one can use the tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sparkcentral.

Through these tools, customer service team can monitor the customer service activities in an easy way.

Try to Respond All Social Media Comments, Questions & Feedback

One of the best practices that are followed in social media sites is to respond every question, review or comment. Don’t give the complicated solutions to the customers because customers like to hear a simple and clear solution.

Channel Selection and Management

Every business owner has to choose the social media site where they get their targeted customers. One can use Facebook to engage with the current as well as potential customers plus you can also take the benefits of LinkedIn to connect and engage with all kind of customers. Which in turn help to promote the business as well as to drive the traffic to the website.

User Engagement

One can be understood that user engagement as a serious and important interaction between the customer and the business. The team of customer service can interact and engage the customers via the social media, emails or face to face.

Engaging the user is really a hard task because one has to find the right audience at the social channels.

Team must Know that Which Post Should be Resolved in Private or Public

Some of the customers post few negative words about the company, products or service, and in frustration, they post their reviews on the social media sites.

In this condition, a team must know how to handle the customer and try to talk them in a personal message; otherwise, a negative review will impact the business. On the other hand, for a good and positive comment, try to greet them.

Reply As Soon As Possible on Social Media

People never expect that customer care executives will reply instantly on the social media sites as well, as they do over the call and emails.

But they are wrong, because the team of customer services is always active on the social media sites to help their customers and provide the best solution. So for getting the best result in a business, you have to provide the fast response to the customers on the social sites.

How SBI Help the Customers Via Social Media?

SBI is one of the largest banks and it has a huge number of customers. So, to reach the customers, SBI is also availing the benefits of social media sites.

You can check more about the SBI customer support here: http://ccsn.in/sbi-customer-care/

  • Facebook for Newsfeed Ad
  • YouTube is used for video content like SBI tutorial videos
  • Available on Twitter and promotes through tweets
  • Through social media sites, they promote the festival and social events as well as promote the new offers and services through the social media
  • Linkedin is also used to promote ads, offers, services or products
  • Instagram and Pinterest is used to promote the products


Thus we can say that social media helps to promote the business and services as well as social media also helps in resolving all their queries and problems. You just need to remember the above key elements to improve your customer services.

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