VidPaw Review: A Simple Yet Powerful Video Downloader


Downloading videos from Youtube and other sites is always a hassle. Some of them don’t work properly or some of them require you to install software, extensions etc. With all this aside, there are a lot of bugs in those tools and all these services have advertisements which will ruin your experience even more.Vidpaw review

I tried various video downloaders in the past and used various software for that and most of them are not that bad and get my job done somehow.

But, I’m still looking for a simple hassle-free solution which doesn’t require me to install software or do any additional step for downloading videos. Until now all tools which are used in the past have ads or bugs which I don’t like and none of you would.

Well, this might be ending from now.

I came across a site called VidPaw recently and I’m quite impressed with its features and clean design.

What is VidPaw?

VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader is an all-in-one video downloader which lets you download videos from various sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc very easily. You can literally download videos from 1,000+ sites without any hassle.

The best thing about VidPaw is it’s FREE to use and doesn’t require signups. It is very minimal and ad-free which is really a great thing.

How To Download Videos using VidPaw?

VidPaw is really easy to use. You just need a video URL to download videos very quickly.

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For example, if you want to download a YouTube video then follow the below simple steps.

  1. Open YouTube and open the video which you want to download.
  2. Now, just copy the video URL.
  3. Paste the copied URL into the VidPaw download input field and click on Download.Vidpaw video download bar
  4. You will be now presented with various download links based on video resolution, size and format.
  5. Download your preferred format by clicking on the Download button.

Similarly, you can download Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Videos that easily.

Other Features of VidPaw

YouTube to MP3 Converter

VidPaw lets you convert a Youtube to MP3 file with just a click. Just visit Youtube to MP3 Converter and paste the video link you want to download and click on Download button. You will now see a list of MP3 files once you selected MP3 tab.Download mp3 files using vidpaw

Just select the file based on your quality and click on download to download the MP3 file. It is that simple.

Subtitle Downloader

Sometimes we just need to download subtitles and there is no way you can just download it from youtube.Download subtitles using vidpaw

There may be some tools already available for this task but why you need another tool as VidPaw already has that functionality.

With VidPaw, it’s very easy to download subtitles with a click. Just paste the video URL and click on Download and boom you will be shown the list of download options.

Powerful Search

VidPaw also has a powerful Youtube search built-in. So, just type a keyword or any text to get all the videos related to that and you also have a download button to download that video.Vidpaw video search bar

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This is a very handy feature which will reduce the pain of switching between Youtube and VidPaw and it’s fast and simple to use.

You can even play videos inside VidPaw by just clicking the video and you will see embedded Youtube video along with some other options such as Download Video and some useful info about the video such as view count, comments, description and much more.Vidpaw youtube embed features

You can also see video recommendations in the bottom and sidebar which is similar to Youtube and it comes very useful if you are willing to download other similar videos or videos which might intersect with your interests.

Video Recommendations

VidPaw search is great but you don’t need to use search if you want to download trending or popular videos.Vidpaw video recommendations

VidPaw has a great recommendations engine which will show the current trending videos as well as the most popular videos from various categories such as Music and Movies.

You can also see such recommendations once you visited a Youtube video page in VidPaw.


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