Top SEO Digital Marketing Course Review: 3 Trends Of 2019


Search engine optimization or SEO aims to bring your site to the highest ranking of search engines, like Google. However, attaining this goal is not as easy as it may seem.

You need to be abreast with the latest SEO trends to adopt with the rapid changes in SEO digital marketing.

Seo trends

You’ll find plenty of SEO digital marketing courses and resources online, such as the marketing123 site. Here are the trending top SEO Digital Marketing courses of 2019:

1. Technical SEO: Rich and Featured Snippets (Udemy)

Rich snippets or featured boxes are trending which stand out among search results, taking more space, and encouraging higher click-throughs which significantly impact traffic and search engine ranking. Featured snippets are summarized answers to a user a question which contains a page title, a website link (origin of the answer), and the URL.

Featured snippets appear on top of search results in short paragraphs, list, or bullets that directly answer queries based on keywords entered. The benefits of ‘featured snippets’ or ‘answer box’ are long-term. The Technical SEO: Rich and Featured Snippets course teaches you how to take advantage of this current trend.

This course was created by a business coach, Alex Genadinik. It aims to help you make your site’s search results display as rich snippets with higher click-throughs with HTML schema and Microformats. It includes a 1-hour on-demand video, two downloadable resources, one article, Access on mobile and TV, full lifetime access, and certificate of completion. Also, this interactive course includes lots of freebies, exercises, and downloadable worksheets. This course is highly recommended for SEO professionals, freelancers, and SEO business owners.

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Here are the things you’ll learn from this SEO course:

  • Making your search rankings higher
  • Making your search engine click-throughs higher
  • Getting Google to show the search results of your site with rich snippets
  • Helping you how to convert traffic to your site
  • Boosting sales

Note: The requirements to be able to take this course is that you have a bit of SEO background and willing to deal with HTML.

2. Twitter Flight School: Video Advertising on Twitter

A personalized video is one of the latest trends in 2019, involving quality video creation, optimization, and personalization. A personalized video contains content, such as the first name, company logo, company name, or another identifier that is specific to the recipient.

It’s now possible to meet your advertising goals with these two Twitter video courses, whether you’re a social strategist, a digital buyer, or a TV buyer. These courses were designed to help increase your knowledge and skills in video advertising, like sending personalized videos to your target audience to increase traffic and sales.

Here are the details of the two Twitter video courses:

  • Twitter Video Advertising Foundations: You’ll learn about making videos on Twitter which includes ad formats and structuring plans to attain advertising objectives. You’ll get samples of campaign pricing, flights, targeting, and measurement templates.
  • Twitter Video Advertising Campaign Basics: It’s a step-by-step guide to help you execute a Twitter video ad campaign. This course includes campaign creation, preparation, ad launch, video optimization, and reporting. You don’t need to have experience dealing with Twitter Ads Manager to take this course.
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3. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (Udemy)

With artificial intelligence or AI, it’s exciting to learn the highly futuristic SEO digital marketing technologies. Srinidhi Ranganathan created the Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing course which is intended for digital marketers, lead-generation specialists, content creators, SEO specialists, and email marketers.

This AI course is a game-changing online course that can significantly influence the future of SEO along with voice search, featured snippets, On-SEO SERP, and other SEO trends. Using BuzzSumo, you’ll also get to learn about influencer marketing, competitor analysis, and creating contents with the help of AI.

This course includes on-demand video (2 hours), mobile and TV access, assignments, full lifetime access, and certificate of completion. The requirements needed include knowledge about digital marketing basics and a passion for learning.

Here are the things you’ll learn from this course:

  • Create applications that are augmented by reality experiences
  • Create web content articles with AI SEO tech
  • Learn about lead-gen platform so you can extract quality leads on-the-go
  • Learn about influencer marketing for content marketing


It’s a must to learn about featured snippets, voice search, On-SERP SEO, influencer marketing, and digital privacy. These SEO trends and updates will help your business thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce. SEO digital marketing courses are now becoming in-depth, fast-paced, and futuristic.

Because of the emerging SEO trends, you need to equip yourself with the latest information about SEO through these courses so that you can apply them to your site or your clients’ websites. It will make your credentials look good to get a high-paying job in line with your SEO expertise.

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