5 Instagram Marketing Tactics To Build Your Brand and Generate Sales


Instagram is developing as an advantageous marketing platform and proven to be a successful force in your brand building. To gain the attention of followers, fans and users it is influential to use images that make up an emotional attachment to your brand.Instagram marketing tactics to build your brand

Every social marketing strategy is incomplete without Instagram. Instagram is the most popular social network for brand collaborations around the world. Around 70% of Instagram users spend their time looking for the brands on the platform.

Instagram is a great platform to promote the brand/product in an authentic way without putting many efforts in selling to your customers. In this article, we have given top 5 Instagram marketing tactics that build your brand and generate sales. Keep reading.

Table of Contents

1. Start with a Course of Action

When you are planning for your marketing strategy through Instagram, be clear with your objectives and plan of action. To maintain your reputation you need to connect well with your targeted audience and prepare a defined direction for your content marketing.

A content that attracts your readers and compels them to make a purchase is what a real content is directed towards. Combining your value content with suitable hashtags and self-driven captions can make a huge difference in your business growth.

You can include some popular hashtags with your images to increase the reach of your post. The images you are sharing with your followers should be able to convey your goals to them. This is the ultimate way to increase your sales and generating new leads.

2. Create Emotions

Emotions are an important part of any relationship between two or more people involved. The same goes with the relationship of the brand with customers. As per a recent study, it was founded that pure emotions drove sales more than a rational approach.

The feelings you persuade through your brand determines the purchasing choice of a customer. So while sharing images on your profile make sure it creates an impact on the follower’s mind. However, not all emotions are equally rated.

Positive emotions tend to get more shares than the negative ones but sometimes when it comes to specific emotions, things get changed.

3. Use Visuals

The best way to convince the readers to your brand is to demonstrate the real use of your product/service. You can show the images of actual customers using your product on Instagram to give the users a visual image enjoying the benefits in real.

The images having people leaves a more positive impact and covey the emotions better. The better your images will be the better engagement will it receive from the actual followers, customers, and fans. By incorporating a real person related to your company leads to increased conversions.

4. Engage with Your Users

The Instagram posts you are sharing should be conversational in a tone so that you can form an  Instagram community of your followers. If you will create contests and led your followers to participate in it then they will have a sense of interconnectedness with your brand. It is good to have some quality number of followers for this to work. There are many places where you grab followers to boost your Instagram game as mentioned in The​ ​Small​ ​Business​ ​Blog.

Post images having questions, bring the discounts and offer statements in your posts, held live sessions etc can be done to have more interest of the users in your profile. In addition to this, you should also reply to the comments of your followers, answer back to their doubts etc to stay in touch with your followers.

5. Make Purchasing Simple

By the time Instagram is making immense growth in terms of marketing. There are many marketing tools available for the brands to connect with their customers in a better way. Stories are an astounding medium to have an interaction with the viewers. You should always include a link that directs people to your product website.

The live stories you share appear under your bio and showcase the content that you wished your followers should see. You can show new products through live stories or even introduce to some of the people related to your brand.

Change your Instagram profile to a professional account including the pricing and shopping details to be easily visible to the customers. Having the logo of your brand in your Instagram profile is more recognizable than the profile of any random person.

Final words

So with the help of these Instagram marketing strategies and a little bit psychological approach you will be able to use your Instagram profile in a more impactful way. Track the growth of your Instagram account from time to time so as to know where you are lacking.

If you will post valuable content then surely you will get followers and engagement. Whether you do not have the budget for an in-depth analytics tool, you can try with these basic marketing tactics for growth and performance of your Instagram account.


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