7 ways in which 3D pen can save lives


3D pens shall be always awestruck people around you. Microsoft has recently launched the weapon of the creative people. The 3D pens can take creativity to the next level with its unsurpassable technological aspects and responsiveness. So let’s have a look at those 7 ways in which 3D pen can change lives:3d pen demo

1) Customization at a whole new level

The overall skill sets of the designers are enhanced with the 3D pens. The architects and engineers can draw clear 3d object and more precise imageries which help in their better development. The 3D pen lets the one specify the exact requirements and get things imprinted in the exact desired manner. The top notch companies have a high point of creating products that better match with the customer preferences.

2) Saving Lives

Since 3D pens allow the designers to give better specifications to the products, there would be a rise in quality of the manufacturing. Medicines and medical equipment shall be produced at a higher level. There would be quick actions in case of medical emergencies.

3) Influencing business models

As mentioned earlier, 3D technology shall give a faster pace to the businesses by meeting the customer demands in a getter manner. With personalized 3D printers at home, customers can analyze the company’s products in a much better way. They can view everything in detail without needing an exposure of the outside world.

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4) Quicker innovation

The food processors, cars, medicines, and clothes shall be quickly designed. The best part of using 3D printers is that they reduce the overall span of time taken in the transformation of the design into a product. This shall instigate the economy to develop faster with an ingenious flourish.

5) 3D printing in schools

Imagine your kids carrying those innovative 3D school projects in their hands. Quite a number of schools have already begun to use 3D printers which have given a reduction in their overall pricing. Even the medical and engineering colleges have been seen to initiate 3D printers for the development of models and stimulating the knowledge level of the students.

6) Cleaner and better factories

Specialty components are already being given birth at factories with the help of the 3D printers. Car companies can produce the printouts directly via 3D printers at a single shot. The advancement of the 3D print-out has dramatically improvised the automobile industry.

7)  Products defying logic

The future is expecting the development of some exceptional products via 3D printers. Some of the advancement in the technologies may not be even foreseeable. However, they will be a game changer once given a practical shape.

The airlines, automobile, architectural and weapon industries are soon to have an unimaginable transformation. The vehicles shall be more compact, light in weight, fuel efficient and customized. There would be instant productions of machinery and weapons which would meet the needs on instant basis. 3D printers would be a real blessing to everyone on this earth.

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What do you think about future of 3d technology?

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