8b Website Builder: Easiest Way To Build Your First Website


Creating a well-designed website is always a hard task for many people. Because not all of us are good at coding. But in today’s time, we do not really need to know how to code to create amazing websites. As we have applications like WordPress and site builders for their job.8b website builder review

Although, on one side, WordPress is a great way to create websites. But it involves some purchases. Like you will need to buy a web hosting, custom domain. Plus, to give your website a new look, you might consider buying a premium theme.

But if you do not want to spend on these things? Well, this is where the 8b site builder comes into rescue. So what this 8b site builder is all about? Well, let me just walk you through it. So you can get understand in a better way:

What is 8b Website Builder?

8b website builder is a browser-based website builder which is absolutely free to use. And with the help of this site builder, you will be able to get a professional-looking website within no time. The best part of this site builder is that it comes with quite a lot of templates which are free to use. It is a drag and drop website builder. So, you just need to drag and drop the sections you want to use.8b darg and drop

As well as you get to see different sections that you can use to add more and more content to your website. It is extremely powerful and a perfect tool for standard website projects. As well as it can create responsive designs. As a result, your website will look amazing across all the platforms.

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In addition to that, you get some of the extra features too. Like you will be getting a Free SSL subdomain for your site. Also, you get an option to use your domain name. And you know what the best part is? 8b site builder is based on Google AMP, which is an open-source HTML framework that allows websites to load faster.

AMP templates

If you are serious about SEO, then you already aware of the fact that the website’s loading speed is one of Google’s ranking factor. Even not just this, a good page speed helps you to offer your, users, a great experience.

And to help you to make your website load faster, it comes with AMP support. It offers you AMP templates which you can use on your website. What’s more? AMP platform reduces the time of the content loading on the page. As a result, you will be able to serve the content to the users in a really fast way.

How Does it Work?

8b site builder works in the simplest way. There are no hard steps that go behind. Instead, you will be able to get started with instantly.

  1. First of all, you will need to choose a template. There are quite a lot of templates available for all kinds of websites.8b website templates
  2. Then simply edit your website by dragging and dropping sections. You can edit almost every part of that section and even change the layout.
  3. Once you are done editing your website, simply publish your website online, and you are all done.


  • It comes with easy to understand user interface. So you can easily create your website.
  • It is supported by AMP, so you can get a fast loading website.
  • You are also getting a mobile website builder so you can create mobile-centric websites pretty easily.
  • The site builder will help you to create modern websites without the need for your efforts.
  • There are quite a lot of responsive templates available. Simply choose one to get started.
  • You will be getting SSL along with the site builder.
  • You can also connect your custom domain. Or you can simply use 8b.io as your domain extension.
  • The site builder is absolutely free to use. Plus it does not require you to purchase web hosting.
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So that was all for the 8b site builder. Overall, this is one of the best tools to create professional websites. It requires no previous knowledge. As well as the good part is that it is extremely easy to use. So go ahead and check 8B out and see how it is working for you. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Do feel free to comment below.


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