Audials One: Easy Way to Download Media Files


As the internet is taking a big shift. Now, we have a handful of music and video streaming services. With the monopoly of major streaming sites such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, and tidal, you and I are able to watch and listen to everything from Home.

But, have you ever thought of record and download those media you listen and watch?

If the answer is NO then we got you covered.

Also, keep in mind I’m talking about recording and then downloading here. So, what it means is that for example, you can’t download a movie from Netflix unless you have an account on it. Same goes with other streaming sites like prime video, tidal etc. Yes, of course you can download from Spotify as it’s free and even from other sites like Soundcloud, Youtube and other popular ones.

Yes, there are some sites where you can download directly by just providing URL such as Youtube, Vimeo etc.

So, how can we record and download media from various streaming sites with a single software? Yes, we are talking about one software which does all the heavy lifting for you.

Let me introduce you to the most popular software Audials One.

What is Audials One?

Audials One will help you to record and download Music, Videos, Radio, TV, Podcasts etc from major streaming sites such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Vimeo, Tidal, Apple Music, SoundCloud and you name it.Audials one home

Audials one can record media from literally anywhere on the Internet. So, you can now download your favourite music from Spotify, favourite TV Shows from Netflix and so one. It serves all your media needs.

As I already said that if you are trying to record from a paid service then you need to have full access in order to download that media. So, it is the legal way to download media which you paid for.

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Features of Audials One

Audials one has tons of features and we will try to highlight the most powerful and useful ones which we loved.

1. Search

Search is the most important thing when it comes to Media. Audials One has the incredible search and the search functionality is taken to the next level.

Just open Audials One, and once you are in Home you can search for your favourite Music, Video, TV, and podcasts from major streaming platforms by just typing in the search box. Search is super fast and response is instant.Search in audials one

Search is a major feature of Audials One and it is there everywhere in the software.

If you want to search a Music album or a specific song then you just need to Goto to Music Streaming section and do the search. You will only get Music suggestions instead of other suggestion from TV, Movie etc. You can do the same for Videos, TV, Radio and podcasts.

2. Support for Major Streaming Platforms

Audials One will support almost major streaming platforms in Music, Video, Podcasts and TV and you just don’t need to worry about the support of a particular streaming platform. You name it and Audials One already supports.Popular music streaming sites

This support for major streaming platforms not only allow you to download but also search from them directly in Audials One.

3. High-Quality Downloads

Not only it supports major streaming platforms but also you can able to highest possible quality from all these platforms legally.

For example, you can download Movies and TV Shows from Prime Video by just clicking PrimeVideo icon then you will see a recording overlay.

Now, just play the video you want to download and Audials one will catch that playing video directly once it started playing. See, it is as simple as that. You can do the same with streaming platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Youtube etc.

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4. Ability to Access Local Files

Audials One can record and download from major streaming platforms and the cool thing is you can also access your local files directly form Audials One by adding Storage. You can add as many folders as you want in Music and Entertainment sections and it will automatically load all the metadata along with media.

This is a small but much-needed feature for those who don’t want to leave audials for local media. I liked this feature which is very handy for me.

5. Curated Music Suggestions

Audials one has tight integration with Music streaming giants such as Spotify. You can not only search for your favourite music but Audials takes this to a next level with it’s curated lists and suggestion engine. To do this, you will have 3 special tabs in Music page which are Load, Wish and Bot. Let’s discuss what they actually do.

1. Load

Load tab is where you will get curated list of To charts from based on songs and artists. You can find all the top songs in the Top Songs tab and top artists from Top Artists tab.

Top artists audials one

You can even directly play and download directly by clicking on a play or download button inside Audials itself.

You will also have the ability to see News from your favourite artists directly in Audials One. There is also tab to view all articles in bubbles which is know Music Zoom.Music zoom audials one

2. Wish

Wish tab will have all your wishlist artists and songs. This wishlist will help you save your favourite songs and download all of them with the click of a button.

3. Bot

Bot tab is so special and i loved this feature on how it is designed and how it works. The bot lets you download Music from similar artists and when you click on Create Collection then it will start downloading all the similar Music from all sources such as Spotify, Youtube, Vimeo etc automatically.Audials one bot

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6. Podcasts

Audials One not only lists all the podcasts but organises them based on categories which are very useful for podcast lovers. It will also be based on your wishlisted podcasts which are really handy to know similar podcasts on your choice.Audials one podcasts

Also, don’t worry there is search incase you can’t find something. You can also subscribe, play and download podcasts directly with a click.

7. Television

Audials One has a special place for Television. You can stream and download Live TV and Music Channels directly from Audials One without even leaving it. This is a relief not to use multiple apps for various things.Audials one television

You can also view channels from a specific region. It currently supports Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

8. Converter

Well, you don’t even need to use another software for converting your Media anymore. Audials One got your back, it has a powerful Converts which let’s convert media to all popular formats right inside Audials.Audials one converter

This is really a powerhouse for having such a powerful converter, You can convert Video to Audio to your preferred format. You can even convert protected Audio and Video files with the help playing and recording those files.

Final Words:

Overall, Audials is one of the best ways to download your favourite media which reduces the hassle to download media. It is an all-in-one tool for all your media needs with its powerful search, suggestions, bot, converter and much more. If you are someone who always wants to download media then I will highly suggest you try Audials One and stop worrying about ways to download media. You can download and try Audials One for FREE.


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