WP Reset: One-Click WordPress Resetter


Without knowing about all the rules and terms of the business world, one cannot survive comfortably in it. So, if you are planning for WordPress themes, you should know about all the rules and the changes you would need to make for your testing site.Wpreset review

You will need to adjust all the settings again if you are a pro and making changes to your code. So, if you are looking for how to reset WordPress theme settings, here is an article for you.

Well, you only need to click on a single button, and you will be able to reset the WordPress themes easily. After resetting your WordPress plugin, you will get the fresh installation, and all the modifications will get deleted with WP Reset Plugin. Your files from the installation will not get removed, but yes, all the entry from the database will get removed.

Well, you might be, thinking, how to use it. So, let me tell you, will get a menu option under the tools after installing the WordPress Plugin. You will see WP Reset option, click on it, and start the process. So, guys, this is how you can reset your WordPress Plugin.

Features of WP Resetter Plugin

1. One Click Site Reset

This tool will help you to reset your WordPress within seconds. Yes, guys, as its name sounds, you only have to click on a single button, and you will get a fresh WordPress installation.

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2. In-House Support

Whenever you need help, you don’t need to contact the outsources, contact the people who build the plugin, and you can get free help whenever needed.

3. Database Snapshots

Database snapshots is a development tool which can also be used to back up the site but WP reset developers suggest the users find a more reliable backup tool. A database snapshot is a duplicate of all wp database tables, either standard or customs, which are saved in the currently used database.

Snapshots help you to find out the changes made by a plugin to your database, the custom tables created, modified or deleted and every change that was made to the site. It can also be used to restore the developmental environment after testing the changes made to the database.

4. Multisite reset

This feature is still in test mode, and wp reset developers asks the developers to be cautious while using this plugin. Using this feature on subsites is ok but it is not preferred to use multisite reset on the main site.

Final Verdicts

With a vast number of partial reset tool and complete reset tools, WP reset is a must have plugin for all the plugin and theme developers. Some of the features are still under development but can be used if proper care is taken. Therefore, this was the review of the WP reset plugin and we hope that this article was beneficial for you.


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