How to Deal With Unwanted Friend Requests on Facebook

These days everyone who meets us outside will be going to be in our friend list one or the other day whether we meet them only once or more. The main issue we don’t want everyone to be in our friend list as not all people we meet outside are close to us but we just talk casually with them.

Consider a situation of going to a party and meeting someone for the first time through our friends or in any other way and have a good conversation with him/her. But suddenly on the next day when you logged in into Facebook account you will see a friend request from the person who you met in an yesterday’s party. At this situation, you just need to add him or reject the request or even you can do nothing.

Deal With Unwanted friend request on facebook

Now real problem begins when you meet the same person on some fine day and he may be asking why you have not added me? This spoils the relation. We know that person is not your friend but those are acquaintances but we also don’t want to hurt him/her.

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So how to deal with such kind of situations?

How to Deal with Unwanted Friend Requests of Facebook?

As you don’t want to spoil your relation with them. First just add them or accept their friend request. Don’t worry, we are just adding him/her in our friend list but not really doing so by keeping him or her in “Restricted list”.

What happens if we put someone in restricted list?

When you accept someone’s friend request. The person who is added in your friend list is going to see all your public and friends posts. After adding if we just put them in restricted list then they are just going to see your public posts but not friends or friends of friend’s posts. We can simply term them as your followers.

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How to Put Someone in Restricted List?

Facebook Friend requests

It is very simple to put someone in Restricted list. Just go to their Facebook profile. Now choose “Add to list” option from the friends dropdown and select “Restricted”. Now he or she only see your public post but not everything.

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