Why It Is Important to Consult a Detective Service for Background Check


To protect a company’s reputation and save time many of the companies now prefer to hire a detective agency for background checks. To cope with the speed of today’s fast-moving life it even became mandatory now to hire a detective agency in Delhi for a background check of the employee.

consult a detective service for background check

Earlier the concept of detective services was not so wide. In ancient time it was used by kings or police to spy a suspect of any crime. And private detectives were not available easily, it was not a very known concept. But with the modernisation and the demand, Private detective agencies came in existence and slowly-slowly they have widened their horizon.

There are lots of reason for deciding to undertake the background check. Detective agency in Delhi provides critical information that can be helpful in protecting the business from negligent hiring and the costs associated with it.

It will reveal the candidate’s unfitness and the relationship between the employee or employer. Failure to do so will lead to costly legal proceedings and unnecessary waste of time as well as money. It will also save employees from workplace violence.

The background check includes the investigation by collecting the past records to check the authenticity of the information shared by the candidate or also to make sure that there are no criminal records against the candidate.

The major reasons for background checks are to find the best applicant for the job. The records shared by the candidate is not enough to give him/her the job because the information can be wrong and manipulated.

And if the candidate is hired for some crucial or sensitive role than it becomes a security issue too. So, you can’t just trust the words and documents, you have to be double sure. Hence a background check becomes mandatory in authenticating the details and ensuring the credibility of the candidate.

There are different ways of doing the background check of a candidate, but basically, what the detective agency does, they work on few major prospects which are an integral part of the candidate’s life and circle. Some interesting aspects are.

Need of Detective Service for Background Check

1. Employment Screening

It includes investigating the employee’s information. The information shared by the candidate regarding his previous organisation, his last salary, his work ethics or behaviour at a previous organisation, the reason for leaving. It will help in deciding the real scenario of the candidate’s previous experience and confirm the authenticity of the CV.

2. Criminal Background Check

It becomes important to check has the candidate ever been convicted of a crime to save your company reputation. It also checks, if there are any pending arrest warrants, arrest record, convictions, any specific type of crimes such as theft, sexual offence against the candidate.

3. Credit report check

This is allowed only in a few crucial employment situations, where the job demands a person with a good credit report and has to deal with crucial data in the company.

Apart from the background check of employees, the another most important background check is the pre-marriage background check of groom/bride.

The pre-marriage background check has seen a drastic increase because of the increased in the ratio of love marriage over arranged marriage and online matchmaking sites. Earlier families were involved so it was easy to know the background but now the families don’t even know each other.

In case of love marriages, you may know the match perfectly but for parents don’t even know the guy neither they know the family. For the satisfaction and surety of parents, it becomes mandatory to check his background & know the family. In this situation, the detective agencies in Delhi comes to their rescue.

In the case of online matchmaking sites, you met online. You have the least knowledge of the reality, you may know each other but how will you decide the authenticity of the information shared by the suitor? To check this authenticity of bride/groom again it becomes necessary to hire a detective service.

You can say that you trust each other, and the information shared by the suitor is true but it’s a matter of your whole life and no one will prefer to take a risk in such a critical matter. So, it’s better to be doubly sure than regretting it later, when the loss becomes irreparable. The matrimonial background check is done on two major grounds.

4. Family Background Check

It is done to know the genuineness of the information shared by the suitor about his family. It includes all the important information such as family status, reputation, financial background. The character of the bride or groom, their education, job, habits, medical history or any criminal background (if any).

5. Relationship Background Check

To know the relationship status is a must, either the person is already married, divorced or single or if he is having an ongoing love affair. This is very crucial and till you are not sure about it don’t say “yes” for the marriage.

You must have realised there is a different type of background checks depending on the purpose and requirements. The most famous one is the background check of an employee and for matrimonial. Other than this business partner background check is also common. It is crucial even in case of a domestic staff hire like a driver or any full-time servant because you will assign them the critical roles at home.

In today’s fast-moving world, when we can’t trust anyone, there could be numerous reasons one would feel the need of hiring a detective agency in Delhi. The major reason remains the same, background checks.

The reason why hiring private detective services is always preferred is that you don’t want the involvement of Police in every situation and you can’t even trust them completely. But before hiring a detective agency in Delhi keep in mind to check the authenticity and history of the agency. Also, make sure to compare minimum top 5 agencies to find out the best suitable one for your service requirement.


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