Rich Communication Services: Digital Trend that Takes SMS to the Next Level


With a vast economy and plenty of opportunities present, the Indian market is quickly rising to become one of the most progressive markets today. India’s high population and growing economy provide a sustainable landscape that allows businesses to maintain stability.

Digital trend of rich communication services

Furthermore, as the country pushes forward with plans and advancements for infrastructure development, business owners can capitalize on opportunities to enter the market in various sectors. In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever to keep up with the latest innovations to stay competitive. 

No matter what industry you are part of, customer engagement is essential, and with the help of the rich communication services India offers, you can give your mobile consumers an enhanced experience. Text messages have long been an integral part of tech communications, and with billions of texts sent every day, this channel holds massive opportunities for businesses to reach their consumers more effectively.

With that said, where exactly do rich communication services (RCS) come in, and how are they relevant to businesses? Get to know more about this rapidly growing digital trend and how it is redefining business communications!

What is RCS?

Rich communication services (RCS) is a protocol and platform designed to be more interactive and capable than the short message services (SMS), which have become a part of people’s day-to-day lives. 

This messaging technology service is packed with more multimedia capabilities and functionalities that make it easier to improve the customer journey. It taps into several touchpoints that can help you maintain strong customer engagement.

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Dubbed as the successor to SMS, RCS is quickly growing to become the new universal standard in a new era of communications. It is revolutionizing the way in which you can interact with your customers to provide them with a better experience. Several brands have already begun incorporating RCS into their communications strategies, and the results have been extremely positive and promising.

RCS Functionalities

Get a glimpse of what you can do with rich communication services in India, and see why it is expected to overthrow SMS in no time.

1. Enhanced Features

With RCS, you can make the customer experience seem like a separate app on its own despite using the regular messaging application. You can attach various forms of media, such as audio files, videos, URL buttons to redirect users to a website or app, and cards that users can swipe through. 

Additionally, you can send longer messages with RCS, allowing you to come up with higher-quality content. Another rich feature of RCS is the option to add customizable buttons, which users can click to perform a particular option. This feature makes it easier for your recipients to respond through suggested replies and actions. 

2. Chatbot

RCS enables you to integrate chatbots into your messages to establish excellent customer service and maintain good customer relationships. Chatbots allow you to automate parts of your conversation to give relevant announcements and notifications to keep your customers on the loop. 

Furthermore, they can help you digitalize some communication patterns, such as frequently asked questions about your business. While having chatbots can make it easier to respond to common queries, it is still important to add in the option to call a customer service representative if customers would prefer to reach out to a real person.

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3. Branding

Sending messages with RCS allows you to incorporate important branding aspects, such as your logo, colors, and company name. Despite being a small touch, this can have a significant impact on customer retention as customers will be able to associate your messages with your brand more easily.

4. Analytics

Another valuable feature offered by RCS is messaging analytics, which gives you insights on how customers respond to your messages. Through analytics, you get to see reports on messages that you have delivered and those that have been seen by your customers, so you know which messages are effective.

By being able to monitor your business messages constantly, you can keep an eye on your communications strategy and make changes whenever needed. Make sure you continuously keep track of your messaging analytics to optimize conversations and boost your conversion rates. 

Thanks to technology and the prevalence of smartphones today, the business messaging market is expected to continue growing in the near future. With RCS, you no longer have to use apps to enhance the customer experience. 

As the business landscape grows increasingly competitive, you must search for ways to engage with your customers more effectively so that they remain interested in your business. RCS can help you do this and so much more, transforming the world of business messaging.


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