7 Best Meme Generating Software To Escalate Your Meme Game


Ever since memes became viral on the internet, it became discernible that memes were going to be around for as long as the internet stays active.

Best meme generating softwares

Everyone with an internet connection must have come across memes on various platforms. The most popular memes spread across the internet like wildfire, and now our timelines get refreshed with new memes every day.

Best Meme Generating Software Online

Creating viral memes is not a herculean task; however, for those new to design, it might pose a challenge.

The most important thing you will need is a meme making software to bring your ideas to life. Choosing the best meme generating software that complies with your needs can pose yet another challenge.

However, you must not worry because the list mentioned below will help you decide which software would suit you the best and help you create memes seamlessly – 

1. Imgur

Imgur is one of the biggest and most prominent free image hosting platforms available on the web, and it has its meme generator tool. 

To get started, choose a default image background from the grid of samples available on their platform or upload your own. Type in the text, add a caption of your choice, and instantly share it on Imgur. 

Memegen is the most efficient meme generator for social media users. Memegen is an in-house tool by Imgur, which you can use for meme creation. 

You can find the most humorous, most informative and inspiring pictures, memes, GIFs, as-well-as visual stories to help you get ideas on your latest meme design.

Imgur offers features that include – 

  1. Copious built-in memes to edit.
  2. Higher flexibility than other meme generators.
  3. Custom image support from multiple locations.
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2. iMeme

iMeme is a free meme generator that offers over 100 different built-in templates. The application provides a decent choice of templates to find some of the best memes that are in vogue.

iMeme also lets you upload photos from your computer, so you can create memes easily on your own, which can be very handy if a particular template might not be available. 

You can download a blank template and open it using iMeme when you require it. The application facilitates you to include a header and footer to your images.

InVideo is an online picture and video editing platform that you can use as an online meme maker and take your meme game to a different level, be it for social media meme pages or marketing purposes.

3. Meme Generator

MemeGenerator.net is a free online image maker that lets you add custom resizable text to images. The application renders a seamless user interface through which you can choose between many available templates. 

People typically use this platform to add text captions to meme templates. You can also upload pictures from your computer as templates. 

The templates are sorted alphabetically in the Memes section to enable you to find the desired template easily by using its built-in search bar.

The Meme Generator is a flexible tool as it lets you upload custom images that empower you to design many creative works such as posters, banners, advertisements, or any other custom graphics. 

4. Filmora Free Meme Generator 

Filmora meme maker is a free meme generator that lets you create memes without watermark. You are also not required to sign up or log in first to create memes. 

It supports image, GIF and video importing, all at one place. All you need to do is drag and drop to import a file onto the platform. 

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If you want to pick a white or black background to enter a caption, Filmora meme maker can help you change the text size, color and position conveniently.

After you have completed editing your meme, a single click can export your work within a couple of seconds. You can also readily upload to social media platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

Some popular features offered by this platform include –

  1. The ability to place text anywhere on or outside the image.
  2. Exporting support to numerous pictures and video formats, such as jpg, png, gif, and mp4.
  3. Free of cost usage with no subscription or cost.

5. Make a Meme 

When you visit Make a Meme, you will immediately notice images of most of the most famous memes of the present time. 

You can choose any of those images, where the platform greets you with an interface that asks for the top text, bottom text as-well-as your custom title. The next step is to click on make a meme option, and your image gets rendered.

You can even upload pictures from your computer and then include text to it similarly. You can also preview your memes before you create them.

Some popular features offered by this platform include –

  1. Creating memes from custom images or famous ones.
  2. The ability to add top and bottom text easily.
  3. Creating custom meme titles.
  4. Previewing memes before you finalize them.

6. Livememe 

Livememe is a straightforward meme generator to use. When you open their homepage, you will notice a few selected images that are in trend.

Press the “create a meme” button, and you will see a drop-down menu that will contain thumbnails of all the famous memes. 

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You can then select any of those images to generate your meme, or upload your preferred pictures and type in the relevant text. You can store the image on your computer and share, through Livememe itself. 

Some popular features offered by this platform include –

  1. Provision of every popular meme as preselected images.
  2. The power to generate custom image memes.
  3. Share created memes from the website conveniently.

7. iLoveIMG 

iLoveIMG is a very simplistic site to navigate through if you want to create a meme. The homepage lets you upload an image or choose a meme template to get started. 

Text boxes are already displayed, and you can edit them using your text and preview how they would appear. You can even add an image on top of another picture to escalate your meme game.

Some features offered by iLoveMG include –

  1. Effortless meme creation through uploaded or custom images.
  2. Ability to add over two lines of text.
  3. The choice to add a picture on top of an existing image.

You can use InVideo editing platform as an image to video converter and bring your hilarious ideas for memes to life and gain an extensive fan following or more clients for your business.

Final Words

After using an online meme maker, you can create your memes anytime and anywhere.

All you require is a source image and an amusing idea for the text. Within minutes, the meme generator software will ready your meme to download and store on your device. 

You can share your meme with friends online on social media platforms. Since all the meme-makers mentioned above are free, you do not have to worry about signing up and paying any fees.


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