How to Build a Big Social Media Following


Everyone wants to be famous on social media and if not, one definitely wants his content to reach a larger audience, especially when they are running an online business or own a website for that matter. It is a known fact that higher social media following helps you in growing your online business at a much higher pace. Even getting german followers on Instagram is not tough if you follow the right strategy. In this article, we will discuss many ways with which one can increase his social media following.

How to build a big social media following

The following are the ways with which you can increase your followers, especially if you are starting from scratch. The ways are:

#1 Invite Your Friends

The most crucial step is to Invite your friends to join your business page. It is undoubtedly the easiest way to kick start your business with a few followers. It will help you to start things off.

#2 Follow Influencers

Another way to increase your followers for free is to follow the influencers you find on social media and observe the strategies which have made that Influencer successful and implement the same things. check for influencers here to hire some.

#3 Be Active

One of the most important things which you need to keep in mind to run your online business and keep your followers intact and gain new ones is being active on your business page. Posting multiple times on your business page keeps your audience engaged and attracted to your page. Furthermore, interacting with the audience is also helpful. You can do so by responding to their messages or comments.

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#4 Hold Occasional Contests

Another important thing you need to consider keeping your followers growing is to hold contests on your page and do giveaways for your audience. Software like contest domination could help you pick a winner and with this, your following would easily increase.

#5 Blog and Email List

Another thing to keep in mind is to add the social media links of your accounts on your blog. It is, then, easier to share the content and thus, helps you increase your social media followers. 

There are other ways with which you can increase your social media followers as well, however, that involves you spending some amount of money and it is perfect for those people who are willing to make an initial investment to get their page up and running and increase their followers rapidly. The other ways are as follows:

#6 Running a “Like” Campaign

One of the best ways to grow your social media presence is by running a “Like” campaign where you can run ads on Facebook by spending some amount of money. When you spend money on Facebook ads, Facebook shows your page on people’s timeline which helps you gain likes on your page. Along with the likes you receive through the ads, you also get organic likes as and when you post on your page. To make the most of it, you need to make sure that you are posting multiple times a day on your page so that the audience stays intact, and your page grows. Posting at least three times per day on your page would do the job.

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Not only multiple posting, but another important thing here is also the headline of your ad that you are running. You need to choose a smart headline for your ad with that one perfect phrase which will make the people join your page. Lastly, the image that you choose on your ad is extremely important for the audience to join your page. You must go for the one that is unique and catchy to the eyes of the audience. With this, you can make the most of spending money on ads.

#7 Buy a Social Media Account

This must sound odd to you but buying an already existing social media with respectable number of followers and reach is one of the best ways to run your business and increase your social media presence. There are a few markets on social media where a person is looking to sell his page at a price. You can look for your niche and buy an already existing page or an account for that matter and take over.

It is an easier way but an expensive one to run your business. Instead of taking years to build an audience, you can simply buy an existing audience and continue with your work.


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