Why Are Company Logos Important?


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Importance of company logo

Speaking of things known worldwide, when people see a green logo depicting a siren in the middle, people will immediately recall the logo as being that of Starbucks. People will also recognize two golden arches as being the logo of McDonald’s. When people see a familiar logo, they immediately access their memories related to that logo. Therefore, companies need to have a logo that can easily be recognized by their customers. Companies that are just starting up may hire the services of a graphic design agency in Melbourne to come up with a logo to represent the company’s branding accurately. 

Why Are Company Logos Important?

Your company logo can be considered as the representation of your company. Potential clients will most likely see your company logo before knowing what the company is all about. The logo of a company is much more than just a sign or an image. It represents the core values of your company. People who see your logo will already know what your company is all about. 

A company that is just starting needs to establish itself in the industry it entered. One way to do this is to create a memorable logo that will create a great first impression in customers. The logo should be effective, whichever size it may be printed on. It should also create an impact whether it is created in black and white or vibrant colors

1. Fonts

When creating a company logo, every minute detail counts. The definition and symbolism of each element of your logo design must be considered. Shapes, colors, and fonts used in your logo must also be considered carefully. For example, the gym logo can have fonts that are thick and bold to represent power and the building of muscles. On the other hand, a company that caters to wedding planning should use intricate and fancy fonts to show potential customers its attention to details. 

Placing visuals and imagery in a logo is highly recommended. However, the imagery used in company logos should not confuse potential customers. All images incorporated in a company logo must be consistent with the organization’s main purpose. The imagery must help your company deliver the correct message to your would-be clients. 

2. Elicit Emotions

A powerful logo is one that not only makes people recall the name of the company behind it but also brings up people’s emotions and memories. People who see the Ford logo may recall their first car or a memorable road trip they had with Ford products. The most iconic logos can easily elicit emotions from people.  

If you have no idea about creating your logo, you can hire an experienced graphic design agency in Melbourne to discuss and create a logo for you. 


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