MX Player Pro Apk – How To Download and Install


MX Player needs no introduction. If you have an android or iOS devices, you must know this name. Right? For those who don’t know MX Player for all those people, MX Player is the most popular and powerful media player for mobile phones.MX Player Pro APK

MX Player was developed by a company named J2 INTERACTIVE and released on both Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store in late 2010. At that time there was not a huge competition for MX Player. This MX Player application was downloaded more than 100 Million times at the time of writing this article. You know how big this number is!

MX player is such an application which is evolved constantly and adding more and more features to gain and retain their audience. Till now, MX Player is the most used media application in the mobile industry.

MX Player supports almost every video formats and each and every audio format. There are only some Media players which support all the formats. This application got around a rating of 4.5/5 for a total of 6.4M reviews. This clearly shows not only me every single MX Player user loves it.

MX Player has both paid and freemium versions. Both of these versions are equally functional and there may be some tweaks here and there in the paid version. Also, you may not get those annoying advertisements while watching your favourite media in the Paid version.

Features of MX Player:

MX Player is the media player which supports almost all the audio formats, and almost all the video formats. Yes!  You can literally play any format audio or video in MX Player.

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It has super cool controls which let you control your favourite shows very easily. You can easily zoom your video just by pinching anywhere on the video clip. Also, you can control volume buttons by swipe up / swipe down from the right side of the video clip. What about changing the brightness of the video clip? It is also very easy in MX Player, Just like volume control you can control the brightness by swipe up / swipe down from the left side of the video clip.

Subtitles in MX Player:

If you are watching an unknown language movie, you need Subtitles Right? MX Player has all the features you needed. You can simply add your own subtitle file If you have any or You can download the respective subtitle from the MX Player application without going out from this application.

You can simply click on the menu icon, Select Subtitle and click on Online Subtitles. This will get the srt (Subtitle)  file of the movie you are watching. How cool is it? Even many PC media players do not have this feature.

If you have children who disturb you while watching your video content? Hey! MX Player has Child lock which will prevent that child to disturb.

Finally, MX Player is damn powerful. Why? MX Player is the first Android video player which supports Multi-core decoding.  The results of those test proved that a dual-core device’s performance is up to 70% better than single-core devices.

Although  MX Player free version has many features, it will sometimes disturb you with ads. Especially if you are streaming contents on MX Players or you are enjoying your media with an active internet connection. If you hated this, You may spend $5 to buy their pro version.

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But we are here to save your five bucks.  Let us see how to install MX Player Pro version for free. Before going through the steps remember you can install this MX Player Pro Apk even if your mobile is unrooted. This doesn’t matter here. This MX Player Pro apk works super fine with all your smartphones.

Prerequisites For  MX Player Pro Apk:

You need the MX Player Pro Apk which you can download from the download button which is located below.

For installing this MX Player Pro Apk you need to enable, Unknown Sources in your android mobile. To do this, Go to Settings –> Security –>check the unknown sources.

enabling unknown sources in android

This means you allow the Android system to install third-party applications.

Download MX Player Pro Apk:

Download MX Player Pro

This Apk will cost you 15 MB and you will get the direct download link from the above button.

Install MX Player Pro Apk:

It’s time to open the downloaded MX Player Pro Apk file and click on Install Button.install mx player pro apk

Now, wait for some seconds while the Android system installs MX Player on your smartphone.

After the installation process completes, its time to fire up your MX player and enjoy your favourite media without any distracting advertisements.

During this installation process make sure to turn off your internet connection. If you get license error in MX Player Pro, then patch it using Lucky Patcher.

Some Tricks Using MX Player Pro Apk:

Here, we share some of the tricks makes you get most out of your MX Player.

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Streaming Online Content:

You can easily watch Online videos via MX Player by clicking  “Network Stream“. Simply paste the video URL and tap on “OK“.

Customize Subtitle Text:

MX Player not only allows you to add subtitle to your videos. You can actually customize the subtitle appearance in MX Player.  To customize it, open the app and go to app settings by tapping on three vertical dots on the top right corner and selecting “Settings” from the menu. Then go to “Subtitles“. Look for “Appearance” on this screen. You’ll see options like text, layout, and font folder under it. From these options, you can edit things like font size, colour, scale, shadow, alignment, background and lot more to change your style.

Changing Themes:

Do you like themes? What about changing themes in your MX Player? How cool is it? You can actually change themes in MX Player just click on Menu icons and change the theme you want.

Final Words:

This is our complete guide for installing MX Player Pro Apk for free and some cool tricks with this MX Player. Share this article with your friends and your family and help us to get the most out of MX Player. Also, comment on your very favourite feature in MX Player the comment section.

If you have any difficulties or problem while using this MX Player Pro Apk feel free to contact us. Our team is very happy to help you guys.  Sharing is caring. Cheers!


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