How to Secure Your Webcam

Webcams have eased face-to-face communication amongst family and friends across the webcam

Journalists and entrepreneurs are now able to interview and do business with people respectively all around the globe.

However, these cameras can also offer an avenue for hackers to gain access to your private space; an act referred to as camfecting.

They can capture sensitive videos or even pictures in your life. Let’s look at the measures you are supposed to put in place to secure your Webcam.

Simple Tips To Secure Your Webcam

1. Scan your Computer Regularly For Malware

In addition to your primary antivirus software, you should install an anti-spyware. Should your primary scanner fail to detect any malware, then you will need a secondary malware detection program that acts as a substitute in guarding your webcam. This is because hackers always code their malware in ways that avoid specific antivirus. Some of the best malware scanners include;

2. Cover it up

At times, the simplest solutions are always the best ones. You can use a coin or a long piece of tape to cover it up, even so, the tape could leave a sticky substance on the lens. In a situation where you do not want to mess with your computer, you can buy Webcam covers. They come in different sizes and colours depending on preference. You only have to make sure it is compatible with your machine.

3. Turn off your Laptop or Computer

Not even the best of hackers would hack a computer that is powered down. Always make sure that after you are done video conferencing or using Skype, it is most appropriate you shut down your computer.

4. Turn on the LED Notification Signal

Most modern laptops have a light next to their built-in Webcam. It indicates when the camera is in use. This has made it simpler to identify when someone has tapped into your Webcam without your knowledge. Nevertheless, this is not proof enough of a malware secure Webcam. Some hackers have learnt how to use your camera without necessarily turning the lights on.

5. Change Default Passwords

Passwords are a weak spot for secure systems, and Webcams are no different. Therefore, you need to change the default settings configured by the manufacturer. If you cannot access the Compact Disk which you got during the Webcam’s purchase, you can access the software from the manufacturer’s website.


It is scary to think that someone is monitoring your Webcam and even worse for it to lead to cyberbullying or being held to ransom on the dark web. A strong secondary malware detection system can act as a back up to your antivirus software. This will ensure that in case there is a breach to your system, your Webcam will still be safe. The dangers posed by hacking have become very risky hence the need to take the necessary precautions to remain secure.

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